Destiny 2 Stopped Being Fun At Level 260

destiny 2 stopped being fun

I never played the first Destiny game, so I really got into Destiny 2 when I first played it. The game is absolutely brilliant, but I’m sure you know this too. From the first day, my goal was to play through the raid. This gave the game purpose as I was building my character to be strong enough to have a go at this raid. It has been almost a month since the raid released and I have yet to complete it, in fact, I have gotten fed up with this game.

As of writing this, I am at a power level of 261. I have gone up 1 power level this week for all of my efforts. The game seems to have come to a complete stop in terms of character progression. At this rate, I might be getting 1 or 2 power levels per week. The amount of boring grinding required to get these 2 levels will be mind-numbingly boring.

At present, there are 2 substantial pieces of content for me to play. The Nightfall strike which is targeted toward players with power level 240 and the raid for 260. I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to beat the Nightfall strike with 2 others and we have failed miserably every time we try, each week. This week we discovered an anomaly glitch that allows us to get the maximum amount of bonus time. 3 players, 2 above 270 and me at 261 with the maximum possible time were only able to get the boss down to half health before the timer ran out. We are well above the recommended level, we cheated and we still couldn’t complete it!

The reason for our failure is that we need to get better loot. My issue is how many fucking hours do I need to put in before I get that loot? I can collect 100 legendary engrams before I finally get an exotic to drop and even then it might not be what I am looking for. This game only rewards those who can put incredible amounts of time. I can’t even pay real money for good gear since the bright engrams only ever seem to contain ships and shaders.

I still think Destiny 2 is a fantastic game, but I am starting to wonder if I want to continue playing it. I like to play lots of games, not just 1 game every single day. The only way I will get to the point I need to be to be ready for the raid is to play the game every day and keep grinding and grinding until I get enough gear. All for what? So I can complete the raid to get some more gear?

I loved every minute of Destiny 2 before I got to level 260. Now that rare gear no longer helps me level up, I have lost all interest in this game. The grind to get strong enough for the raid or even the damn nightfall is more than I am willing to commit to any more. There are too many good games coming out this winter that I am going to have to put Destiny 2 on the shelf. The only way I will ever beat the raid is if I wait until the DLC is released and become a beefcake from all the content there and then go back. Until then I think it is time to put Destiny 2 on the shelf to make way for games that do not punish me for not require me to give up my entire life.


  1. Weekly Milestones drop ‘powerful’ engrams that nearly always give you better loot. On average you can beat all the milestones in 2-3 hours. And completing public events for the flashpoint sometimes drops exotics.

    • I agree there are plenty of ways to obtain the gear, but spending a few hours to “maybe” get some loot that is going to increase your power level is a painful grind. You can complete all the weekly milestones and then get nothing of value and that is this option closed off for a week. It all involves spending large amounts of time to maybe get a drop that will help you become more powerful and ready for the nightfall or raid

  2. As far as gameplay mechanics go, doing diverse styles of kills with many kinds of weapons on many different types of enemies across all worlds, rotating between all your subclasses usually does the trick for me to level up quickly. I play Destiny 2 a couple times a week and am at level 272 with more exotic weapons than I know what to do with and almost 100 legendary shards. That was a bit of an explana-brag but I also noticed doing combo kills on some enemies has dropped bright engrams for me on two different occasions, so for example shooting an enemy with one weapon, hitting them with a melee then finishing them with a different weapon will result in some good drops. I think the creators want people to try everything in the game since it can be easy to find one weapon or armor you like and end up only using that.

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