This was my second attempt at killing him on Uber difficulty. It was a hard fight but its not too hard if you are prepared. Here is what you should do before going into the fight.

After blowing up the 2 zeppelins you have a break before going into the final part of the boss fight. Make sure you charge up your laser cutter and both of the marksman guns (alt fire). Check the entire helipad area for ammo, weapons, armor and health packs to give yourself the best possible chance starting off. Once you are ready go down and start the fight.

The best strategy is the use the laser cutters ranged fire mode. It gets very hard to see when the place catches fire and the laser cutter will auto lock onto the robot and do all the hard work for you. If you ever get up close and are safe whip out one of your dual wield weapons and unleash the fury on him to cause some major damage. Keep running up and back between charge points charging up the laser cutter until you eventually take him down.