Content Reward Scheme

Ever wish you could make a little money from your time spent gaming? If you have discovered the perfect strategy for a difficult level, boss fight or a great beginners guide to a complex RPG. Create a guide for others and earn money for it!

The Nerdburglars content reward scheme is a system that has been set up to reward users for their contributions to the site. For every piece of game content you submit to the site, you will earn some money. The more content you submit, the more money you will earn. There are no limits to the amount you can submit. Below is a breakdown of the earnings you can make for each piece of content submitted.

  • PlayStation Trophy Guide – Up to $5.00
  • Standard Guide – Up to $2.00
  • Game Wiki – Up to $20.00
  • Successful Referral – $10

An internal achievement system is available to all users that will give you goals to reach. Submitting a trophy list, wiki and a FAQ for a single game can earn you $20! Once you reach the goal, you will earn the money!

How To Join

Due to excessive spam submissions, the content reward scheme is not open to all users of the site automatically. All content must be validated by a human and as a result of this, the numbers accepted into the program are limited. If you feel like you are the perfect fit for this program and want to start making some money from your gaming hobby, fill in the application form below.

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