Civil War: Beer Pong Meets Flip Cup

Civil War

Embark on an unforgettable social journey with Civil War, a high-octane drinking game that blends the frenzied fun of Beer Pong with the fast-paced flips of Flip Cup. Oozing with high energy, seamless teamwork, and competitive spirit, this game promises an electrifying addition to your parties.

Round up your troops, prepare your cups, ping-pong balls, and let’s dive into a rollicking battlefield of tosses, drinks, and flips!

Game Setup

Preparing for a thrilling round of Civil War involves:

  1. Set up a long table (or two tables end-to-end), around which players can navigate.
  2. Position plentiful cups full of beer at each end of the table akin to the arrangement in Beer Pong.
  3. Place a line of filled cups along the sides of the table similar to the setup in Flip Cup.
  4. Divide participants into two equal teams, ready for strategic warfare!

Rules of the Game

Navigating through Civil War involves quick decisions and agile manoeuvres, difficult when you have had a few!

  1. Play Ball: Each team starts the game by attempting to throw ping pong balls into the opponent’s beer cups, mirroring the play in Beer Pong.
  2. Land, Drink, Flip: When a ball lands successfully in your team’s cup, a player from your team should drink its contents and proceed to flip it in true Flip Cup style, balancing it upside-down by flicking the rim with fingers.
  3. Cover Your Ground: Teams should continuously toss balls to the opponents’ cups while also preparing to drink and flip any cup that is struck by a ball.
  4. Speed Is Key: The fast-paced nature of the game necessitates quick refills for flipped cups and instantaneous continuation of the game.
  5. Claim Victory: The game continues until one team has all its cups flipped successfully. This high-speed, high-intensity team is then declared the winner!

Fun Additions to the Game

Infuse more fervor into Civil War with these invigorating tweaks:

  1. Capture the Flag: Introduce a “flag” (a special cup) that needs to be captured (i.e., flipped) but can only be accessed after flipping certain other cups.
  2. Obstacle Course: Erect booby traps or create obstacles players must navigate around while moving to drink and flip cups.
  3. Role Assignments: Assign specific roles to players—shooters, drinkers, flippers—to encourage strategy and cooperation.

Responsible Gameplay

Even amidst the wild excitement of the Civil War, prioritizing enjoyment and safety is essential:

  1. Comprehension: Ensure everyone is comfortable with the game rules and mechanics before starting.
  2. Inclusivity: Offer non-alcoholic beverages so everyone can participate without compromising their drink preferences.
  3. Play Responsibly: Encourage reasonable drinking limits and maintain a fun, supportive atmosphere.

By merging the beloved elements of Beer Pong and Flip Cup, Civil War delivers an active and exhilarating drinking game sure to keep everyone on their toes, fostering camaraderie, strategy, and heaps of fun. So rally the troops, set the stage, and gear up for an epic face-off of speed, skill, and good-natured rivalry!

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