Final Fantasy XV

Beginners Guide To Final Fantasy XV

With any large game there is always the a feeling you get at the start where you have so much to learn, that you...

Thief What’s Yours is Mine Trophy – Achievement Guide

There are a total of 82 collectible locations in Thief. Finding all collectibles will earn you the What's Yours is Mine trophy / achievement. One...
the swapper

The Swapper – The 10 Secret Terminals – How to Get...

Each of the 10 Trophies/Achievements corresponds to a secret terminal that is hidden within a level. Find the terminal and you will unlock the...
new n tasty

Kidnapped Teensies Location Guide

Teensies are rescued by either finding them within levels or by winning them from the 'Lucky Ticket' scratch cards. You need to find every...

All Weapon Part Locations – Contributes to 100% Completion

There are a total of 15 Weapon Parts in Sniper Elite 3. Finding all of them is required to reach 100% game completion and...

Sniper Elite Diaries, Collectible Cards, Nests, Long Shots Locations Guide

There are a total of 110 Collectible Locations in Sniper Elite 3 - 60 War Diaries, 20 Collectible Cards, 22 Sniper Nests and 8...

Outlast Notes & Documents Collectibles Locations Guide

There are 62 missable collectibles in Outlast.Notes are recorded with your camera and documents are picked up like a traditional collectible. Administration Ward Prison Block The Sewers Male...

299 Mudokons Locations & Complete Under 3 Hours Speed Run

Rescue every Mudokon with an overall Best Time of 3:00:00 or less. This guide will show where to find the 299 Mudokons Locations. This video...

Collectible Guide (All Collectibles) – Collector All Trophy/Achievement

There are 242 collectibles to find in Murdered: Soul Suspect. There is 9 sets of artifacts, and 8 sets of artifacts for all the...

Collectible Guide (Audiologs, Dossiers, Newspapers & Comic Pages)

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