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15 Games With a Double Platinum ( Vita & PS4)

A double platinum is a gem in the trophy hunting community. What it normally means is that a game that was released on the PS4 and the Vita have separate trophy lists. Meaning you can get the platinum trophy twice....

12 PS4 Games You Can Platinum In An Hour

If you are looking to get some quick platinum trophies then this list is going to help you out a lot. No need to worry about spending 100s of hours, for these games you can get the platinum in an...

10 Games I Would Buy Again On The Switch

We joke about how many times Skyrim has been released and with my total at 3 copies, I will not be buying it a 4th time for the Switch. There have been a lot of really good games that are...

9 Types Of Fortnite Players

The Builder Builders will never let the fact that there are 99 other players in the game that are out to kill them get in the way of their dreams. While the rest of us are out there scavenging for...

Funniest Video Game Deaths Of All Time

We shouldn't laugh at something that is as serious as death, but when it comes to video games, they are only digital and we can laugh all we like. There are a lot of times where I have laughed while...

10 Things We All Hate About Video Games

I love video games and always have, but sometimes game developers make decisions that really annoy the hell out of me. Sometimes it's down to ignorance and carelessness on the developers end and other times the issue is out of...

10 Greatest Video Game Super Powers

When you talk about super powers, most people will think along the lines of Marvel and DC characters. Video games are often overshadowed in this area even though super powers are not only present in games, but a lot of them...

5 Ways Microsofts Hololens Could Be Used At Home

Microsoft's Hololens has a lot of hype behind it. The brief Minecraft clips have everyone excited about how we can use this for gaming, but what about other cool uses for the Hololens outside of videogames? Here are someways the...

12 Stupid Things You Did When Playing GTA San Andreas

San Andreas was the biggest GTA game ever when it came out. We had a huge world to explore and so much cool stuff to do that we couldn't do in previous Grand Theft Auto games. Along with all the...

Unusual and Awesome Legend Of Zelda Cover Songs

There are a lot of Legend of Zelda cover songs out there. Here are some of the more unusual covers that are really impressive. Saria's Song on Beer Bottles Who needs official musical instruments to create music?! Obviously the video...