How Trophies Can Be Added To PS2 Games

Sony have been releasing PS2 games on the PS4 store that are not HD remakes. They are simply ports with no changes made to...

What Is HDR and How Does It Relate to the PS4

When it comes to TV technology the last few years have been moving quick. First we had HD, then Full HD and finally 4k....
Super Meat Boy Wallpaper

Super Meat Boy Shows Us How Trophies Should Be Done

When it comes to trophy lists the gaming community is very much split. Some love them and some hate them. Coming from someone who...

GTA 5 – 100% Completion Game Save (Instant Trophies)

NOTE!!!This 100% completion game save has been tested to work with the European version of the game. Patch version 1.10 If you do not have...
Dualshock 4

Why The Dualshock 4 Is The Best Controller Ever

Nintendo can be credited for a lot for setting the mould for modern controller design. The n64 brought analogue thumb sticks to the mainstream...

PS4 Firmware 1.70 Features Detailed

Sony have been hinting for weeks about the content we can expect to see in the latest PS4  firmware 1.70 firmware release and now...

What Is HDCP And Why Sony Is Removing It From the...

HDCP has been a buzz word this generation for Sony's Playstation 4. Sony have announced that HDCP will be removed while playing games in...

Why It’s Tough Being Addicted To Trophies

Like a lot of other gamers this gen I love trophies and achievements I'm a total trophy whore I cant even remember how I...


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