Unreal Engine Demos

Why Games Never Look Like Unreal Engine Demos

Video game hardware requirements can often be confusing and a tricky thing to understand. Why is it that some games can run on a...
Resistance Fall Of Man

Resistance Fall of Man Was An Underrated Franchise

Resistance Fall of Man was the first game I owned for the PS3. It was a launch title, so I'd imagine a huge percentage...
DLC Shopping

Developers Are Not Creating Enough DLC For Games

DLC has been an incredibly touchy subject for gamers over the years. I was someone who was very slow to embrace DLC. I was...
Dragon Age Inquisition

Games With Multiple Main Characters Don’t Work For Me

Over the past few years, I have played a lot of large open world games. Some of which I pumped a huge amount of...
Playstation vita 2000

Why Did The PlayStation Vita Fail?

It has been over 6 years since the launch of the PlayStation Vita and looking at the current state of affairs, we can safely...
world-at-war annoyed

Replaying Old Call of Duty Games On Veteran

Today I was thinking back on some of the games that I played over the years. It is weird how time distorts things a...
Pokemon Online MMO

A Pokemon MMO Should Be Released For The Switch

It has been a while since I finished my obsessive run with Pokemon games on the 3DS and I am starting to miss the...
future of digital games

Is Digital A Future Proof Medium For Consoles?

Digital has started a major change to how people purchase video games. It took a while to kick off, but it definitely seems like...
My Name is Mayo Ending

My Name Is Mayo….What the Hell Is This?

Over the Christmas I was keeping an eye out for bargains during various game sales. One game I picked up was I am Mayo....

Is It Time To Give Duke Nukem Another Try?

I would consider Duke Nukem to be a bit of a troubled franchise. It released back in a day when first-person shooters were in...


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