Kimtendo Un

North Korea Set To Release A Video Game Console

The highly secretive nation of North Korea has spent many years flaunting their military assets. As the years have passed they must have finally...
Kojima And Konami Fighting

Kojima Un-invites Konami From His Birthday Party

Hideo Kojima has enjoyed a very long partnership with with Japanese game publisher Konami, but after months of tension the legendary game developer has...
Skyrim Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII Coming To Skyrim

Today there is some exciting news coming out of the Skyrim modding community. An enthusiastic new modding team has come on the scene under...
Konami HQ in Korea

Konami Moves HQ To Pyongyang In North Korea

Over the past year the ins and outs of how Konami run their business has been subject of a lot of public scrutiny. After...

Rambo The Video Game..It’s Awesome!!

I think we have a potential game of the year on our hands people! The latest trailer for Rambo - The Video Game has...

Vacuuming Mothers Responsible For Over 5000 Game Related Deaths Each Year

We have all come victim of this at some stage in our lives and can all relate to the frustration. Well this week shocking...
Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty DLC To Contain Day 1 DLC

The announcement of the 'Havoc expansion' for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes as good news to the zombies fans out there. Well Activation...
Missing Gamer

Call of Duty Gamer Lost In Battlefield 4 Map

The gaming world has been a flipped upside down as the hunt for missing gamer Graham Brown has gone into a 4th day without...


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