Missing Gamer

Call of Duty Gamer Lost In Battlefield 4 Map

The gaming world has been a flipped upside down as the hunt for missing gamer Graham Brown has gone into a 4th day without...
From Software Summon Hitler

From Software Summon Adolf Hitler To Make Their Games Even Harder and Evil

From Software have made a name for themselves for making games that would make the most hardened gamer throw his controller off the wall....
Playstation Homeless

Bank Repossess Playstation Home

Playstation Home was something that seemed like a great idea at the time, but once gamers started moving we realized it wasn't all that...

Study Finds 100% Of Nazi Zombies Are Unaware They Are Nazis

With the modern day obsession with Nazi zombies one might wonder what indoctrination process a zombie must undergo to officially become a Nazi. They...
Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty DLC To Contain Day 1 DLC

The announcement of the 'Havoc expansion' for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes as good news to the zombies fans out there. Well Activation...

Atheist Refuses to Acknowledge Kratos As The God Of War

After starting in a franchise of hit video games, Kratos has rightfully earned his title as the God Of War. After defeating numerous Greek...

Rockstar Wants Nothing To Do With Xbox One

Reports have come in from a recent Rolling Stones gig that rock star Mick Jagger wants nothing to do with Microsoft and the Xbox...

Rambo The Video Game..It’s Awesome!!

I think we have a potential game of the year on our hands people! The latest trailer for Rambo - The Video Game has...