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History of South Park Video Games

After a lengthy wait gamers have finally got their hands on The Stick Of Truth and it is generally very well received by fans...

Samus Aran Vs Master Chief – Who Would Win?

Samus Aran is the leading character of Nintendos popular Metroid series and Master Chief is the leading character from Microsofts Halo series. Both are...

Meet Russia’s Answer to Flappy Bird…Vladi Bird

Having Flappy Bird withdrawal symptoms? Want to get into the zone for the Olympics? Then i present to you Vladi Bird! Just like Flappy...

Fallout 4 Wishlist

No one knows when Fallout 4 is actually going to come out but we do know that it is in the works. As much...
Awesome 8 bit soundtracks

Best 8-Bit Soundtracks

What is it about 8 bit music that is so great? How many hours have you spent playing a game on the NES where...
2012 worst game covers

Worst Game Covers Of 2012

5. Resident Evil Revelations If there is one thing i hate nearly as much as bad cover art is boring art and that's what this...