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Pretty much everything on this site is going to relate to video games in some way or other. Makes this a pretty good place to find most of the articles that get published to the site that are related to gaming.

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Will Ubisofts Graphics Parity Effect What Games You Buy This Holiday Season?

Graphics Parity aka #PS4noparity has been a huge subject of debate since Ubisoft announced they would be locking Assassins Creed Unity to 900p/30fps on...

Lag Compensation Has Ruined Advanced Warfares Multiplayer

Lag has always been a topic of intense discussion with Call of Duty games. Advanced warfare is the first game that has tried to...
Fallout Remaster

Classic Games That Should Be Remastered

HD remakes have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Developers have been remastering popular PS2/Xbox games and releasing them on the modern...


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