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power consumption of the PS4 Pro

Measuring The Power Consumption Of The PS4 Pro

I recently purchased a wattage meter that would allow me to measure how much power electronic devices were using. I have spent the past...

Cabela’s African Adventures Set To Be The Worst Selling Game Of The Year

Cabela's African Adventures is a hunting game based in Africa that allows you to shoot majestic animals in their natural habitat. After looking at...
Greatest video game swords

Greatest Video Game Swords

Video games are no strange to unique and interesting weapons. Swords are one weapon in particular that tend to get a lot of special...
Playstation VR Flaws

The PSVR Is Doing More Damage To VR Than Good

I picked up a PSVR just before Christmas and over the past few weeks I have played a lot of the best VR games...
Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Burial At Sea Was Not Rapture

Similar to the experience I had with the DLC for past Bioshock games, I owned Bioshock Infinite, but never got around to buying the...
Texture Pop In

What Is Texture Pop In

Have you ever been gaming and a level will load but everything looks all muddy and blurry. After a few seconds, everything...
ocarina of time HD remake

Could We Get An Ocarina Of Time HD Remake In 2018

When it comes to HD remakes, Nintendo has a bit an unpredictable pattern to how they approach them. There have been a...

5 Ways Microsofts Hololens Could Be Used At Home

Microsoft's Hololens has a lot of hype behind it. The brief Minecraft clips have everyone excited about how we can use this for gaming,...
zelda more hds

Are Too Many HD Remakes Getting Released?

Last weekend I decided to pick up a few new games as I had nothing to play (bit like a woman saying she has...
greatest video game theme songs

Best Video Game Theme Songs Of The PS3/360 Generation

Ever played a game that had such a badass theme song that you didn't want to press the start button to go to the...


Red grated with use crush to open?

What Is one Punch Mode in Dead Island About?

Can You make the mini map rotate?

Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk?

Reach the tower lobby without Laserkraftwerk?