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Funny Anagrams for Video Game Titles

Anagrams are where you take a word and use the letters to try and make another word out of it. 99% of the time...

Greatest Guns From Last Gen

The last generation of gaming gave us some amazing video games. While some games gave us the same old weapons as before, there were...

If Bethesda Made a Lord Of The Rings Game

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls Series are some of the best games ever, but we think that Bethesda should make something a bit different...
Dualshock 4

Why The Dualshock 4 Is The Best Controller Ever

Nintendo can be credited for a lot for setting the mould for modern controller design. The n64 brought analogue thumb sticks to the mainstream...
Kimtendo Un

North Korea Set To Release A Video Game Console

The highly secretive nation of North Korea has spent many years flaunting their military assets. As the years have passed they must have finally...

Raiden Vs Ryu Hayabusa – Ultimate Ninja Fight

Physical Strength Raiden Raiden may appear to be relatively small in build considering his body is built with a cybernetic exoskeleton made from artificial muscle and...
From Software Summon Hitler

From Software Summon Adolf Hitler To Make Their Games Even Harder and Evil

From Software have made a name for themselves for making games that would make the most hardened gamer throw his controller off the wall....

Cabela’s African Adventures Set To Be The Worst Selling Game Of The Year

Cabela's African Adventures is a hunting game based in Africa that allows you to shoot majestic animals in their natural habitat. After looking at...
Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty DLC To Contain Day 1 DLC

The announcement of the 'Havoc expansion' for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes as good news to the zombies fans out there. Well Activation...

Irrational Games Make King Kong – Fantasy Games

This article is my dream game from the perfect game developer. Unfortunately as most of us know Irrational Game are no more so this...


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