Gamers are a hard breed of people to impress. It isn’t very often that we see a game that really takes over the world quite like Pokemon Go did in its first week of release. Since it’s release the game has gone down a rocky road of constant game breaking bugs. It has now gotten to the point where the games servers are pretty much on fire. The games developer Niantic has been silent for days and has yet to even acknowledge the existence of the bugs. This of course has caused a lot of frustration within the Pokemon Go community. It’s clear to see that people are getting sick of the bugs and the lack of communication from the developers. Can Pokemon Go be fixed before it’s too late?

This question is a difficult one to answer, but as of right now it looks like Pokemon Go is going to burn out and fade away as quick as it rose to the top. Gamers have gotten sick of the crashes and bugs. The 3 step bug in particular has pretty much made the game unplayable. Niantic don’t seem to be actively working with the community to make everyone relax. Playing Pokemon Go has pretty much become a case of blindly walking around capturing Pidgys and Weedles. A process that is incredibly boring and tedious. Whats the reward for this…well nothing because the spawn rate of any Pokemon that isn’t a Weedle, Pidgy or Rattata is so pathetic that its a waste of time to ever expect to catch one while out on a walk.

At the moment the community just wants an update and a time frame from Niantic, but even now it has gotten too late. People are sick of it and I myself have gotten to the point now where I don’t see the point in playing the game anymore. When the bugs are patched I may have moved onto a new game and I suspect many others will have done the same. Business cant be completely transparent, but the complete lack of communication here has only served to hurt the games reputation. The people who liked the game, but cant stand the bugs will stop playing. Others who are super dedicated will hammer on. If the day comes where people come back to the game it will be at a stage where the dedicated few who stuck through the bugs are so far ahead that they are invincible. Why bother playing the game if you need to give up your life to actually win battles.

Pokemon Go is the biggest piece of wasted potential i have ever seen. Even when it was working correctly, there were so many ways in which it could have been improved. The game was fun at first because it was new. Once everyone discovered that there wasnt much else to do other than capture Pidgys the excitement started to die off. The bugs have been killing blows. The game has at most a week left to live. If the bugs aren’t resolved by then I cant see there being much of a community left to enjoy the bug free experience.

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