Can Hands: A simple Game with Duct Tape And Cans

Can Hands

Can Hands takes the familiar game of Edward 40 Hands, and replaces the beer bottles with large cans of beer. This fun-igniting game encourages bursts of laughter while challenging participants’ capacity to handle their beers.

Setting Up the Game

To read your crew for an amusing and bold venture of Can Hands, you’ll require:

  1. Two large beer cans for each participant. Feel free to choose everyone’s preferred brew.
  2. Duct tape to securely fasten the beer cans to each participant’s hands.

With your cans taped and participants eager, the stage is set for a high-spirited game of Can Hands.

Can Hands Game Rules

Can Hands is a playful test of drinking endurance and patience. The rules are straightforward:

  1. Both of the player’s hands are taped with a large beer can in each can.
  2. The objective is to finish both beers.
  3. The cans cannot be removed until both beers are consumed.
  4. Players cannot receive aid in drinking or in carrying out any other tasks until the cans are empty.

Keep in mind, this game could make simple tasks a surprising challenge, escalating the humor and amusement throughout its course.

Puts Spin on Fun: Variations and Custom Rules

Turn up the entertainment dial by introducing a few fun tweaks:

  1. Play in Pairs: Have participants team up in pairs, alternating drinking their cans for a fun cooperative twist.
  2. Beer Swap: Swap out regular beer for craft beer or alcoholic seltzers for a diverse taste test.
  3. Time Trials: Set a time limit to raise the stakes and encourage a faster pace.

Tips to Enjoy Can Hands

  1. Preplan: With hands restricted by cans, participants should consider any bathroom trips or other tasks before starting.
  2. Keep Hydrated: Ensure water is accessible – staying hydrated is a must when consuming alcohol.
  3. Enjoy Responsibly: As with every drinking game, promote responsible, enjoyable drinking and respect all players’ comfort levels.

Can Hands offer the perfect balance between a unique challenge and infectious laughter, fusing endurance, strategy, and shared joy over a drink. Whether for a themed party, regular gathering, or spontaneous night in, it ensures a memorable experience. So, arm yourself with a pair of taped beer cans and dive into the gripping game of Can Hands. But remember, always play responsibly and ensure everyone times their drinks well within their comfort zone.

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