Call of Duty-Clink: Merging Adrenaline-Pumping Action with Partying

Call of Duty Drinking Game

Welcome to Call of Duty-Clink, the Call of Duty Drinking game, an entertaining mash-up of the ever-popular game, Call of Duty, with a lively drinking game twist. Are you ready to add a fresh layer of fun to your mission objectives? Gather your shooter squad, get your gaming setup ready, and stock up your drink reserves to start a night full of Call of Duty-Clink!

Setting Up the Game

Initiating your Call of Duty-Clink spree demands a few essentials:

  1. A band of Call of Duty buffs with a fair share of drink tolerance.
  2. A functional ‘Call of Duty gaming platform with enough controllers for each member.
  3. A generous assortment of beverages to cater to individual preferences, including cocktails, beers, or non-alcoholic options.

Manual in one hand, controller in the other, and your chosen drink at the ready – you’re all set for Call of Duty-Clink!

Game Rules

Call of Duty-Clink intertwines the exhilarating gameplay of ‘Call of Duty’ with sociable drinking rules. Here are the basics:

  1. Deployment Cheers: Upon your successful deployment in each match, every player takes a sip of their drink.
  2. Enemy Down: Every time a player eliminates an enemy, they assign a sip to another player.
  3. Lethal Killstreaks: Players who execute killstreaks can hand out drinks to other players corresponding to the number of kills in the streak.
  4. Under Fire: If a player gets eliminated, they take a sip.
  5. Mission Complete: At the end of each mission, the winning team can assign drinks to the losing team.

Ammo Box of Custom Rules

Enhance your game of Call of Duty-Clink with these adjustable rules:

  1. Bomb Squad Bursts: If a player defuses a bomb, everyone else drinks to celebrate the close call.
  2. Headshot Heroics: If a player lands a headshot, everyone else drinks in honor of the sharpshooter.
  3. Objective Overlord: Completing an objective rewards the player with the ability to assign drinks to other players.
  4. Sniper Salute: For every long-distance elimination, the sniper gets to assign a sip to anyone.
  5. Last Stand: If a player gets a kill while in the Last Stand or Final Stand, everyone else needs to finish their drink.

Playing a Call of Duty Drinking Game Responsibly

  1. Prioritize Comfort: Ensure everyone is having fun and feels comfortable, both in terms of the game and the drinking rules.
  2. Adaptable Approach: Modify the rules to reflect the players’ Call of Duty playing level and their alcohol tolerance for an inclusive experience.
  3. Responsibility Reminder: Promote responsible drinking, supply ample water, and offer non-alcoholic options as necessary.

Call of Duty-Clink masterfully fuses the adrenaline-laced atmosphere of ‘Call of Duty’ with the camaraderie of a good old drinking game. With attention to safety, comfort, and responsible drinking, Call of Duty-Clink promises to amplify the entertainment quotient of your gaming nights. Assemble your squad, power up Call of Duty, pour your preferred drinks, and immerse yourself in the engaging escapade of Call of Duty-Clink. Achieve your objectives and raise a toast to your virtual victories!

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