Cabela’s African Adventures Set To Be The Worst Selling Game Of The Year

Cabela’s African Adventures is a hunting game based in Africa that allows you to shoot majestic animals in their natural habitat. After looking at the trailer, it doesn’t really look like the game was going to do all that well to begin with. Considering the current public opinion of killing endangered animals, this game is likely to bomb pretty damn hard.

Here is the trailer below where you can see that it’s a pretty shoddy game in general. Things still havn’t settled down after the killing of Cecil the Lion, so I can’t imagine anyone is going to want to play this.

The game is pretty terrible, both ethically and as a video game. Surely Walter Palmer will be picking up a copy of this, but there can’t be many others who are going to want this.

At a time like this it would be a great time for Sony to re-release Afrika. This was a game that may people including myself, never got to play, but it definitely fits the current public opinion that “Animals should only be shot with cameras”.

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