Has Bungie Just Ripped Of Destiny 2 Players?

Destiny 2 was released on September 6th 2017 and has been met with a lot of praise. As someone who has put a lot of time into the game so far, I can say that the game is a lot of fun, but not without its issues. The main one for me is the amount of grinding required to make up for a complete lack of content. At launch, it was listed on the game page that there would be 2 expansions released in the future. The release date for the first expansion is no longer a secret. The first expansion for Destiny 2 will be releasing on December 5th, 2017.

I’m not a game developer, but I have played enough expansions over the years to know that these are big projects. Bungie is trying to release an expansion for this game less than 2 months after the release date of the main title. There is not a hope in hell any game developer is going to be able to push out an expansion to the game this fast. The only logical answer here is that the Osiris expansion for Destiny 2 was originally part of the main game, but was cut in favour of making a quick buck after the game’s release.

Destiny 2 shipped with 1 single raid. A raid where the entry-level requires a shit ton of grinding before you are powerful enough to attempt and also requires that you have 5 friends on call to play with, as there is no matchmaking. Why is there no matchmaking? Well, they claim it encourages better teamwork as everyone will be on the same page if they plan in advance, but let’s be real here. Destiny 2 has no raid matchmaking because if there was, people would be attempting (and likely failing) the raid in order to get some quick loot drops from the powerful enemies. Why is this a bad thing? Destiny 2 has hardly any content to play once you have beaten the 4-hour story. The only thing to keep you going is the constant grind to get better gear in order to be better prepared for that single raid.

Rather than provide gamers with a content-rich sequel, they provided us with a title that was stripped of content that they plan to resell later and instead we get weeks upon weeks of grinding. Don’t get me wrong here, I like Destiny 2 and generally speaking, the grind is fun. It is just a waste of time doing the same stuff over and over when there are so many games releasing this time of year. The point here isn’t whether the grind is fun, it is that they stripped content from the game before launch in order to gauge more money out of people a mere 2 months after the release of the game.

We all know game development is expensive these days, but the development of Destiny 2 must have been considerably easier and cheaper than the first game as they already had an engine and a lot of assets they could reuse for the second game. This gave them more time to develop content, but instead, all we get is a 4-hour campaign and weekly grinds, with the one raid out of reach for the vast majority of players. The only reason we need an expansion 2 months after the release is because the expansion should have been part of the game and there was an obvious void in the final game release once the Osiris content was removed.

We can all accept this sort of thing when a free to play mobile game launches with some paid DLC, this is how they make money. It does not seem right that developers of a full priced AAA game feel they can do the same. They already got my $69, what did I get for it? The chance to spend another $20 or so on the next expansion…lucky me! I love when meaningful DLC is released for games, but I hate when devs think they can deliver a stripped down the game and resell the parts at a later date for quick money. It seems to me that Bungie has tried and will likely succeed in completely ripping off people who have purchased this game at launch.


  1. If you add up from release of Destiny 1 all its expansions then add that to the DLC list for Destiny 2 , you will quickly ask yourself why a game would ever cost $ 1,300 bucks …that’s just Destiny 2 by the way ” and I didn’t add in the season pass amounts ..which was like 45 bucks every 6 months for like 6 years running…if anyone has to ask if Bungie is ripping people off after I have said this, then you need to accept that you are daft and seek to be ripped off and call it something different …period

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