Build Your Own Gaming Website

Building your own gaming website is as simple as filling in the form below. Once we check to make sure that the name you have chosen is valid and that this is a genuine requiest we will respond and get you setup as soon as possible. Automated scripts will build the site and configure everything for you. Your user account will be given owner privilege for the website. You will be the only user who has this privilege for the domain and it will give you access to the website control panel that lets you manage users, update site style and manage all posts along with various other privileges.

Please provide your name and email. We will contact you back on this email. In the message box describe your intentions for the website and why you feel the website will be a good idea. We aren’t too judgmental, we just want to make sure the requests are genuine.

Hosting and site management is provided for free. If you are producing quality content we will feature your site on the main Nerdburglars website.

Please fill in this contact form to apply