Lift Is Strange Episode 2 Trophy / Achievement Guide

The entire trophy list involves finding and taking all of the games optional photo opportunities. Once you collect them all you will get a trophy/achievement for collecting all the optional photo moments.

Field of View

Optional photo #1 – Take a photo of the bunny in the bedroom at the start of the episode.

Full Exposure

Optional photo #2 – When you get outside the girls dorm there will be a rubbish bin. Go over and take some of the rubbish out and put it on the ground. A squirrel will run over to the food, take a picture of the squirrel.


Optional photo #3 – When you are outside the two whales diner, you will need to take a picture of the large sign above the building. This one can be a bit awkward to get the positioning on. There will be a fire hydrant that you can stand near, if you move around a little it will eventually give you the option to take the picture.

Image Stabilizer

Optional photo #4 – Go around the other side of the diner and there will be a chain link fence with a dog behind it. Take a picture of the dog.


Optional photo #5 – Go into the diners bathroom, there will be some writing on the mirror that you can take a picture of.


Optional photo #6 – There will be a big yellow school bus in the junkyard. On top will be the number “142”. Take a picture of this number.

Dynamic Range

Optional photo #7 – While in the junk yard lookin for the glass bottles you will come across a deer. Follow the deer and take a picture of it.


Optional photo #8 – After the bottle shooting is complete Chloe will shoot the gun in the air, take a picture of her.

Meter Made

Optional photo #9 – In the science room talk to Warren. He will be messing with some chemicals and will ask you about what one to use. Neither of the options is correct. Go up and talk to the teacher and she will tell you to use chlorine. Go back to Warren an tell him this. Take a picture of the mixture after he ads the chlorine.

Resolution Revolution

Optional photo #10 – Inside the photography room you will see a girl standing in front of the window. Take a picture of her staring off into the distance.



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