Final Fantasy X: Al Bhed Primer Locations Guide

If you are playing the HD Remaster and are after both the Speaking in Tongues and Master Translator trophies, you will want to collect every primer. This is the Al Bhed Primer location guide that will help you collect them all. This is relatively easy to do if you follow a location-by-location guide and take a little care when progressing in the story. It is worth mentioning that there are 4 missable primers (XIX-XXII) located in Home and one in Bevelle. If you do not get these the first time around, you can use the Al Bhed spheres to load them from another save file which does (details below).

In this guide I will list the primers as you come across them in the story. I will include pictures where I think they are necessary.

I. Al Bhed Salvage Ship

As soon as you can move around, grab this primer before speaking or doing anything else. It is located just to the right of the entrance to the ship.

AL Behd Salvage Ship

II. Besaid Village

Once in the Village, head to the Crusaders Lodge (furthest building on the left). This primer is located on the floor just in front of the innkeeper.

III. SS Liki (Ship from Besaid to Kilika)

Head to the engine room downstairs. This is located slightly out of sight, as below.



IV. Kilika

This primer is located in Kilika’s tavern (just explore every building if unsure). It is located on the desk, just behind the man sitting on the floor.

V. SS Winno (Ship from Kilika to Luca)

Just head inside the bridge to find this one. It is on the ground just behind the guy on the wheel.


There are two Al Bhed primers in Luca, so make sure you have both before moving forward (although you can always revisit later).

VI. First up, in Luca Stadium, head down into ‘Basement B’. This is down the stairs to the left behind the main reception. The primer is again on the ground, just behind Isken here.


VII. The second Luca primer is located in the Sphere Theatre. Head to the reception area and you can’t miss it; it is found on the ground just in front of the stairs.

Mi’ihen Highroad

There are two primers to collect in this area.

VIII. Rin will give you this primer in the Al Bhed travel agency. Don’t worry about primers up to this point.

IX. The second primer is located after the agency on the North New Road. If you fell into the Old Road in the fight against the Chocobo Eater you will have to head back up to the New Road.  The primer is easily spotted just before the entrance to Mushroom Rock and after the U bend in the path.

X. Mushroom Rock

Head to the end of Mushroom Rock and go up the elevator to the area called the Precipice. Before going up any further however, head to a small path to the left and follow it around to grab the primer.  This one can easily be missed.


XI. Djose Highroad

After the events of Mushroom Rock, you will head towards Djose Temple. The next primer is located part way along this road, rather elusively, behind this stalagmite.


XII. Moonflow

You don’t need to worry about primers now until you reach the North side of the moonflow. Once across, it is just up the ramp behind the soldier to your right.

XIII. Guadosalam

A short walk from the Moonflow and you will be in Guadosalam. Head into the house on the very left. The primer is located on the ground towards the back of the building.

XIV. Thunder Plains

It is also easy to miss this one. Once you enter the travel agency, TALK TO RIKKU. Do not follow Yuna immediately like I did. Rin will appear and speak to you about your progress with Al Bhed.



There are two primers in this area.

XV. Proceed through the woods as normal. Once you reach the area at the end of the woods, pictured below, grab the first primer. It is well hidden.


XVI. The second primer is found shortly after. Proceed to the travel agency. The primer is on the ground just to the left of the building.

Sanubia Desert

There are two primers located in the Central area of the desert.

XVII. One of the two is found down the left fork from the large central area, where the ruins are located. There is half a dome shaped building to the right. The primer is found here.

XVIII. Head back to the main central area and head to the exit at the far end. Immediately before the exit, to the left of the sign, is where the second primer is located.

Al Bhed Home (MISSABLE)

There are 3 primers located throughout Home. You cannot return to this area, so you must ensure you collect them as you go. Don’t worry about the urgent things going on around you; take your time and get these primers.

XIX. The first primer is located in the very first area as you enter Home. It is on the left hand side of the open area.


XX. This primer is found in a room called the Living Quarters. Once you enter Home, proceed through the next room and into what should be a corridor. After a short cutscene, head down the stairs and then turn around. You will see a green square on the mini-map indicating an entrance, but for some reason you must go down the stairs and then head back up to it to access it. After a battle in the room, grab the primer on the desk.


XXI. The third and final primer in Home is easily found down the right fork of the same corridor. It is on the ground in front of another room you can access to the right.



This is the final missable Al Bhed primer. After the events at Home, you will find yourself heading towards the Bevelle temple. Once down the spiral stairs, you will find yourself in front of the entrance to the trials and a save point. Before going past this point, grab the primer located on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.


Calm Lands

You can breath easy if you have all of the primers up to this point. There are no longer any that you cannot revisit. In or around the Calm Lands, there are three primers for you to collect.

XXIII. The first primer is located in Calm Lands proper. Follow the western edge of the fields until you find the primer. It is towards the north on part of the map that juts out.

XXIV. The next primer can be found in Remiem Temple. To get here you must first be able to ride a chocobo. If you can’t, head to the lady on the chocobo in the very north-western corner of the Calm Lands and train one until you can. Now head to the Bevelle exit, but don’t actually leave the Calm Lands. Instead, follow the path past the exit and jump onto the opposite ledge. Follow the path until you reach the temple. The Al Bhed primer is located down the left side of the temple.

XXV. The third and final Calm Lands primer is located in the Sunkern Cavern. This is found towards Mt Gagazet, down the path to the right after your battle with the Guado and their machina. Towards the end of the cavern you will reach a save point. Reverse slightly and you will find the primer down the small dead end opposite.

XXVI. Omega Ruins

If you have collected all of the primers up until now, congratulations. You now just have this primer to collect.

Once you have your airship, search the airship map for Omega Ruins (co-ordinates 69-75x and 33-38y). If you struggle with the encounters here, equip no encounters before proceeding. Make your way through the dungeon, until you reach an open area with four treasure chests in the centre. The primer is located just behind these.



You should now have collected each and every Al Bhed primer in the game. You will unlock the master rank for the language, but also the Master Translator trophy (if you are playing the HD Remaster). Well done.


If you have missed any of the trophies, do not despair. You have a number of options.

If you can revisit the area where you have missed a primer, do so. However, once you reach the Airship, Dark Aeons appear, rendering certain places inaccessible until you can defeat said Dark Aeons.

A number of primers in areas you cannot revisit are relocated to Sanubia desert if you miss them the first time around. This includes I, III, V and XIV. They are all found in ‘Sanubia Desert – East’; the area from the oasis up until the large, Central area.

If you have missed any of the four ‘missable’ primers, there is still a way for you to get them.

In your travels you may have come across an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. If not, there is one located towards the back of the airship. This allows you to transfer Al Bhed primers from another Final Fantasy X save file.

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