Creating Your Very Own Minecraft Server

Minecraft is one of those games that doesn’t fall out of style. Ever since it first came out more than ten years ago, the game has maintained a loyal following with its simple yet highly engaging open-world concept.

The game has come a long way and enthusiasts are keen on expanding the Minecraft universe even further. Right now, there are tools and platforms that allow users to build entire worlds and create distinct experiences for the community.

You can do so by creating Minecraft servers where the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is follow this simple guide to building a Minecraft server. Once it’s set up you can invite your friends and fellow guild members over.

Get a dedicated server

Before anything else, you should have a dedicated PC for running the server. For sure, you can’t just pick any PC for this. You need one that has the right hardware and security programs for maintaining a stable Minecraft server. For hardware, your PC should have at least 6GB of RAM and a high-end CPU (preferably with a dual-core processor). You also need very stable access to the internet. This is crucial because you will need to reduce lag time as you accommodate other users on the server. When it comes to security, your server needs protection from DDoS attacks using a DDoS Mitigation service as well as a VPN service. With these features in mind, you can create Minecraft worlds that people will want to play in.


Update to the latest version of Minecraft

It’s important that the game is updated. Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, you will need to install the latest version. The simplest way to do this is to run the game and navigate to the Options menu. There, click on “Force update!” and enter your login information so the game can automatically download and update itself to the latest version.


Look for the right host

Once you have set up a dedicated PC for your Minecraft server and installed the latest version of the game, you will need to find a hosting service. In this sense, you will need a hosting provider that ensures performance and security. You can get started by reviewing this list from MangoMatter Media. You just need to find a host that provides the best features like unlimited player slots, large storage allocations, plugin support and installation, and other perks for lag-free, high-quality gaming.


Launch the server

This last step requires a great deal of tinkering, but there are guides that will teach you how to adjust your router so users can access your home server and perform port-forwarding. Once that’s done, you can now add a server on the game and build a unique Minecraft experience from there. The technicalities may take some time, but you’ll find the process worthwhile once you get to create your own world!

The only way to get the most out of Minecraft is to create your own server. So, keep these tips in mind and share your love for the game!

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