Bioshock / Rapture Themed Escape Room

bioshock escape room

Participants will delve into the depths of the underwater city, Rapture, inspired by the popular BioShock series. The escape room will consist of three core sections, each representing key areas in the game: the Welcome Center, Medical Pavilion, and Neptune’s Bounty. Each area will host three puzzles that must be solved to advance to the next section.

Room 1 – Welcome Center

rapture escape room from bioshock

Appearance: This room, designed to reflect the Welcome Center of Rapture, takes a leaf from the pages of BioShock’s art style. The room is rich in a Deco-futurist aesthetic mimicking the 40s and 50s design styles with a futuristic twist (circa 1960). The walls have signs of wear, and posters are peeling, replicating the signs of disrepair and chaos that are prevalent in the game itself. The room is a fusion of elegance and decay, combining lustrous brass fixtures and opulent marbled surfaces with water leaks, flickering neon lights, and scattered propaganda posters.

Puzzle 1: Audio Diary Code

In a corner, players will find an audio diary, a recognizable relic of Rapture. This diary plays a cryptic message chocked full of noisy distractions and filled with innuendos and references to the game’s universe. This message sequences into a rhythmic tune, which smart attendees will recognize as a Morse code.

Solution: The players need to decipher the Morse code embedded in the rhythmic tune. As they decode the message, they find the sequence to punch into an old-fashioned combination lock securing the next area.

Puzzle 2: Plasmid Power

Adjacent to the locked door, players will notice a large seemingly “broken” piece of machinery reminiscent of the Vita-Chamber revival machines in the game. On a table nearby are five plasma injectors with symbol labels which appear non-functional and out-of-order.

Solution: The players need to arrange these injectors in the correct sequence, a task complicated by the fact that the injectors must occur in a specific order. Once they link the injectors correctly, the Vita-Chamber machinery springs to life, a hidden compartment opens revealing the next clue—the splicer’s riddle.

Puzzle 3: Splicer’s Riddle

On the brick-a-brack wall, players will now see a riddle, hastily scribbled in deranged handwriting typical of a Splicer’s graffiti, which seems to speak of a hidden key’s obscure location.

Solution: The key is cleverly concealed in plain sight. The players must think both critically and creatively, piecing together clues from throughout the room to solve the riddle. Once they isolate the answer, they’ll uncover the hidden key cleverly integrated into the room’s décor, granting them access to the next room.

Room 2 – Medical Pavilion

underwater city escape room

Appearance: This room channels the haunting yet clinical aesthetic of the Medical Pavilion from the BioShock series. Designed to resemble an abandoned hospital, it features a poorly lit atmosphere with dark corners casting long, unsettling shadows. Vintage medical equipment such as rusted surgical trays, antiquated X-ray machines, and crusted blood samples cultivated for ADAM add to the eeriness. Medical clothing, personnel records, and splattered BioShock-style graffiti make things feel both timeless and unsettling.

Puzzle 1: Surgery Scandal

Scattered around the room, players will find multiple pieces of implied evidence – old medical diaries, bloody surgical tools, and patients’ records, suggesting a disgraced doctor performing illegal surgeries.

Solution: The participants need to find and arrange these evidence items chronologically, following the story of the scandal. This task will require attention to details and dates inscribed in various places. When the items fall into the correct timeline order, a secret drawer in a vintage medical cabinet will trigger open, revealing a clue for the next puzzle.

Puzzle 2: ADAM Injection

In the same drawer, players will find a curious and hefty case marked “ADAM.” This case has a pressure-sensitive lock intended to simulate the same pressure that would be needed to inject ADAM—a powerful substance from the game.

Solution: By exploring the room, players will discover various objects with different weights. They need to leverage these weights to apply the precise required pressure on the lock. Discovering the correct object combination and applying this collective pressure will unlock the case, presenting them with a fragment of a jigsaw puzzle—the clue to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 3: Little Sister’s Secret

In a dimly lit corner, players will find a seemingly innocent Little Sister’s doll, which, on closer inspection, is holding a jigsaw puzzle that seems to be missing pieces.

Solution: Successful completion of the previous puzzle provides players with the missing jigsaw pieces. They must complete the jigsaw puzzle, which serves as a code translation table. Each unique shape corresponds to a number. When assembled correctly, the jigsaw reveals a series of numbers representing the paсscode that unlocks the door leading them to the last room, Neptune’s Bounty.

Room 3 – Neptune’s Bounty

neptunes bounty escape room

Appearance: The appearance of the third room is inspired by Neptune’s Bounty from the Bioshock series. It resembles a deteriorated, moldy dockyard including fishing nets draped across the room and hanging lures, evoking a sense of abandonment. An eerie underwater glow pervades the room, and the walls are adorned with seafaring maps and nautical equipment. Props like large shipping crates, worn-out barrels, dock ropes, and old seafaring equipment contribute to the room’s wharf setting.

Puzzle 1: Big Daddy’s Challenge

Taking center stage in the room is a life-size representation of a Big Daddy suit, a memorable antagonist from the game series. The suit remains inactive and lifeless but sports a series of curious switch mechanisms, clueing players into the necessity of activation.

Solution: The room’s decoration includes hidden symbols that represent the correct sequence for these switches. The players must decode the symbols scattered throughout the space and activate the switches in the right order. Upon achieving the sequence, the suit “awakens” with subtle movements and sounds, revealing a clue to decipher the next puzzle.

Puzzle 2: Smuggler’s Crate

A colossal, weathered shipping crate stands barricaded before the final door, locked with a complex combination padlock. The room’s surroundings hide clues to this padlock.

Solution: Players must gather several pieces of the scattered manifest to find the combination for the padlock. Some pieces might be in evident locations, while others might be hidden in dark corners or inside other containers. As they solve the padlock puzzle, the crate swings open, revealing a memento from the game—a key attached to a Splicer mask for the final puzzle.

Puzzle 3: Escape Submarine

The key leads to the final challenge: a non-functioning model of a submarine on a side table, symbolizing their way out of Rapture. This detailed model appears to have a small locked compartment.

Solution: Using the key from Puzzle 2 to unlock the compartment, players find a repair manual with a sequence of steps to “fix” the submarine. They must follow these steps on the model, which requires both problem-solving and manual dexterity. Once the submarine is accurately “repaired”, a light at the door turns green indicating the successful end of their Escape Room voyage, and they can leave the terror of Rapture behind.

Design Tips

  1. Thematic Consistency: Ensure decorations, audio, and puzzles reflect Rapture’s ambiance and contribute to the narrative.
  2. Safety First: While BioShock is a mature game with dangerous situations, the real-life version should be age-appropriate and safe for all participants.
  3. Gameplay Flow: The puzzles’ complexity should increase gradually to challenge players while keeping the experience fun and rewarding.
  4. Hints and Helpers: Provide hints for difficult puzzles, perhaps in the form of audio logs like in the game, to assist players if needed.
  5. Emergency Measures: Ensure the room has emergency safety measures, including an easily accessible exit button in case of emergencies.
  6. Room Timer: You can make use of our Bioshock Themed Timer for any screens in the room.
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