Why Did Kratos Switch to an Axe in God of War 4


    Just in case you haven’t got the chance to play this game yet, there’s no reason to be worried. Kratos didn’t take any step back regarding his effectiveness against critters. But he did lose his trademark ass-kicking tool – the Blades of Chaos. You definitely remember the chain-swords that transformed Kratos into a tornado of death for any enemies on its path. Well, the combat style switched from the twirling and whipping of the Blades of Chaos to a more ‘relaxed’ – if you could use that adjective when referring to Kratos – and slow-paced one. The same relaxation and enjoyment will be felt by any player that tries Aristocrat pokies in an online casino or for free.

    What Does Cory Barlog – Director of GoW – Say About the Axe?

    In an interview regarding the release of the new God of War title, Cory Barlog said that they experimented with a lot of different weapons and things. This change came to emphasize the change in Krato’s life since he traveled up North to leave his dark past behind. The blades represent the constant reminder that he made a bad deal with the Gods and everything that resulted from that deal.

    Choosing the Axe was no easy task since they had to experiment with a lot of new weapons and find the perfect balance between the new weapon and maintaining that ‘Kratos feeling’. As always with great ideas, the spark for it came from a programmer came with an interesting idea. He said that it would be cool to have an axe-like weapon that would stick where you threw it with the ability to recall it and hit enemies from the back. This idea alone has so much combat potential that they just knew it’s going to be implemented into the game.

    What About the Similarities with Thor’s Mjölnir?

    SPOILER ALERT! Anyone that didn’t play the game or didn’t reach this point in the game should probably skip this paragraph as it may contain a big spoiler and affect your gaming experience. There are many voices on forums and online that the Leviathan Axe is a bit too similar with Thor’s Hammer, making God of War less enjoyable. Well, they are right with one of these assumptions, at least. While this God of War is not at all less enjoyable, there is a link between the two weapons. At a certain moment in the game, you will find that Brok and Sindri, the two dwarves that keep upgrading the axe are the same ones that built Mjölnir for Thor. Also, even later in the game you learn that Feya, the wife of Kratos and the original owner of the axe. was a giant and that further explains the amazing qualities of the axe.

    Don’t Worry – the Blades Will Be Back as Well

    For the fans that, no matter how much they try, they can’t simply picture Kratos without his trusty blades, do not worry. Even though this is yet another spoiler, Kratos will need his old weapons to venture through Hel. Hel is the equivalent to hell in the Norse mythology and it has literarily frozen over making the Blades of Chaos the only weapon Kratos can use to defeat the enemies there and continue his journey to the highest peak in all the realms to spread the ashes of his beloved wife.

    After the blades are back the hands of Kratos, you will be able to upgrade them and switch between them and the axe, depending on what enemies you’re facing or the combat style you prefer. Note that some enemies will only take damage when you’re using the Leviathan axe and others will only be harmed by the Blades of Chaos.

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