When You Shouldn’t be Sick of Gaming


    As technology advances so do the games we can play and the hardware we play it one and who would have thought as Steve Jobs launched the very first generation of iPhones that we would come to rely on them to such an extent to lose one or have it stolen is tantamount to a minor disaster and something we dread.

    Reliance on our portable computers small enough to place in a pocket or bag has grown over the last decade or so and now we can complete many daily tasks like browsing for goods and services online, booking vacations and restaurants and of course playing at online sites like Butlers Bingo where you can catch up with family and friends whilst enjoying some gaming action too. Being able to play just for a few minutes or for longer from anywhere you please (as long as you have an internet connection) appeals to many people and that is what has helped to mobile phone to become the essential piece of kit to have today.

    As mentioned above, the advancement of technology has become rapid over the last few years and although virtual reality has been around for much longer it was not until quite recently that it was sold to the general public.

    When first available it was only affordable by those wealthy enough to own a top-notch computer but as most things progress so does the technology behind the VR kits and now we can pick up a headset bundle at a very reasonable price, and many people are doing just that.

    Unfortunately, there are some of us that are experiencing what is known as cyber-sickness or VR sickness and this had led to numbers of user actually getting rid of their headsets or hiding them away on the highest shelf they can find.

    You see the sickness that is associated with VR usage is much the same as motion sickness and if you have ever suffered with that then you will understand how much it can affect your whole day with feelings of disorientation, dizziness, nausea a pounding headaches and sweats. In some cases, people have actually vomited so it’s not surprising that some would rather ditch their VR headsets for the sake of a game that is going to prove to be something that ruins a whole day.

    Yet there are a few tips that can put into place to make VR life a little easier.

    Remember it is your brain that is telling you that you are moving whilst your ears are telling you the opposite that causes the sickness so taking VR is small doses can drastically ease this effect. Taking breaks is a way of training yourself in small steps to get use to the VR environment.

    Make yourself as comfortable as possible and also have a fan handy and remember to breathe correctly.  We tend to take shorter more rapid breaths when playing which deprives the brain from oxygen.

    Choosing a game to play that is not jam-packed with action is also a great idea and although we all want to jump into a thrilling experience going slow really does help to stop VR sickness.

    Remember to when in-game to take the teleporters when offered instead of walking which again will reduce those feelings of nausea beginning.

    Getting used to a virtual world does take time but if you follow the above ideas yours might have a happier outcome than many users have experienced.

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