Vikings: War of Clans Game Review


    Vikings in everything they do love conforming to the society’s rules and underlying values, when one or more strays, Vikings instantly bestow upon themselves supernatural powers that make them law enforcement agents, judges, jury and executioners in hunting down and punishing all those who stray from the right path. The fight between the good and the bad encompasses everything that gamers will find in this game for gamers who prefer warfare themed video games.


    Vikings: War of Clans is a warfare themed game that focuses on the following elements:

    Base Building– start by building your own village including your palace and army barracks.

    Military Training– you need to mobilise and train your soldiers.

    Diplomacy– even with your army, you still need to join hands with other clans for support in future battles.

    Warfare– at the end, you will have to engage in battles in order to save your village from conquest as well as battling to conquer other territories.

    Upon entry, you’ll join Vikings: War of Clans inheriting the role of Jaul. As Jaul, you are the leader of your clan and it’s your responsibility to build the village that will house the clan. Jaul is also tasked with training the clan’s soldiers so that they can protect the village from intruders. This game is deceptively simple making many think that it is easy to mobilise resources and build a village, but if you are not strategic enough, you will fail to fill up the progression bars.

    Once you complete mobilising resources and building a city, the game takes a twist presenting you with a world map that introduces other villages and clans. Jaul has two options in seeking alliances with other clans and he can do so by simply approaching the clans he wants to build alliances with or he can use a set of coordinates to find a specific clan and approach the leader to set up an alliance.

    While the above at best is described as diplomacy, that is, seeking of alliances diplomatically through talks, Jaul can also use force through waging war against other clans. When Jaul opts to go this route to attack another clan and is victorious, he may keep the leader of that clan in place and use him as his puppet or he can take full control of the clan and head it himself.

    Game Graphics

    Vikings: War of Clans is packed with 3D graphics for a magnificently realistic feel. The visual presentation of this game is highly impressive, and it’s clear that developer, Plarium, took its time to create realistic visuals showing villages under construction with individuals moving up and down, houses, mines, mountains, plains, military barracks and regiments.

    More about Vikings: War of Clans

    Plarium released Vikings: War of Clans in 2015 for mobile play on the Android and iOS platforms. Subsequently towards the end of 2016, the desktop version on Facebook was in full swing with the browser game following soon after at the start of 2017. Vikings: War of Clans is classed as a freemium game, which means that players can play for free, but in order to unlock all the advanced features of the game, you’ll need to purchase in-app extras. As a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO), Vikings: War of Clans can be played by hundreds or thousands of players at the same time and on the same server.  What’s more is that Vikings: War of Clans players are separated by kingdoms, with each kingdom having a rough figure of about 45,000 gamers playing at once!

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