The Newest God of War is Here And it is Stunning


    Anyone that played or heard about the previous God of War titles know that the action is set around Kratos, a mythical character that seems to always have something against the Gods. No matter if you’re talking about previous titles, spin-offs or even the 24Pokies online casino slots with a similar theme, it is all about the quest for revenge that Kratos was on. Well, if you’ve expected the same action from the fourth title of the franchise, you were wrong.

    Kratos is a Lot More Human

    The new story depicts a Kratos that is a lot more gentler and quieter than what you’ve been used to so far. Everything starts with the simple life he lives in the woods where he hunts for food and looks for supplies of all kind and, get ready for this, he has a son! Even though for the die-hard fans of the old Kratos this direction in which the story was lead might seem a bit too much to handle and some of them might even ask themselves why this is a God of War game to begin with, everything is perfectly executed. And who can blame them after a lot of God of War titles where Kratos was nothing more than a cloud of blades that spreads death and panic all over him, among mortals and gods alike.

    The Main Quest is Actually Touching

    Used with a Kratos that was always set out to kill the gods that have failed or angered him in several ways, the main quest for God of War 4 is also surprising. Kratos and his son, Atreus, wish to fulfil their wife / mother last wish that her ashes were to be spread from the highest mountain in all the realms. Of course, this quest they’re on slides into something a lot bigger than they expected and the gods can’t stay out of it this time either. However, no matter what fights and challenges the two must complete on their way, they never forget about the importance of taking the ashes to their final point.

    The Relationship Between Kratos and Atreus is Essential for the Game

    Their relationship is not only the highlight of the entire game but it’s also what will help gamers get passed the multitude of puzzles that are set all over any God of War title. This fourth installment of the series seems to be the most complex one in terms of riddles and puzzles that need to be solved in order to move on. And while Kratos will usually use his brute force to get through an obstacle, especially after he switched to an axe as favorite weapon, Atreus comes with a gentler, smarter approach on how to solve puzzles such as rune reading. Learning how to combine their abilities is very important in order to advance and have a positive experience. The same thing applies to combining luck and strategy when enjoying pokies online.

    Put in another perspective, the special father-son relationship that develops throughout the entire game takes an even higher importance for the entire gameplay as everything seems to be happening for a reason. The boy shows real progress as the game goes on and gives players a lot of details regarding the world of the game as well as some helpful hints on what you’re supposed to do next.

    Closing Words

    God of War 4 is a rarity in today’s gaming community since it only offers the single-player experience and it does an excellent job at it. In a world dominated by multi-player, open-world games God of War tries to bring gaming back to its roots and, even though it seems to be quite alone in this quest, the huge number of gamers that were barely waiting for this new installment to see the light of day proves it’s still an awesome game.

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