Simple Guide for Setting up a VPN on Your Xbox One


    Using a VPN for gaming is becoming common practice these days, and different people use it for various individual reasons. Most commonly, it’s a matter of trying to play with your friends when they’re located in another region of the world. It might not be possible over gaming services that divide their players according to their location.

    VPNs are widely available and easy to configure for the most part, and even if you play on a console like the Xbox One, you can set one up with very little hassle. All you’ll need is a router that supports VPN connectivity or a desktop computer with Wi-Fi support.

    Find a Good Service

    This may sound obvious, but you should take some time to seek out the best VPN service for your needs. Gaming is not the primary application of a VPN, and not every company out there offers deals that will work well enough for you. You should pay attention to things like latency, exit node variety, and any limitations on how many devices you’re allowed to connect to at the same time.

    The last bit can be particularly important for people in shared households who want to play together. It’s also relevant for those who game on mobile devices – not just on their consoles or computers. Additionally, for each VPN provider that has their custom software, verify that you can run it on all devices you’re planning to use.

    Option 1: Link the VPN to Your Router

    The most straightforward way to use your VPN service on your Xbox One is to go into your router’s settings. There, look for a panel that allows you to configure a VPN connection directly on the router. The name of that page will be different from one model to another, but it should have something to do with “VPN,” “WAN,” “Proxy,” or something along those lines. When in doubt, look in your router’s manual.

    After entering your VPN credentials at that page, all you have to do is connect your Xbox One to the router’s network. You’ll be redirected through a VPN server automatically. Keep in mind that this will also affect all devices on your network that use the same router, which might not be ideal in some circumstances.

    Option 2: Link the VPN to Your Desktop Computer

    There’s another option if your router doesn’t support VPN connections. You can run a VPN client on your desktop computer and then connect the Xbox One directly to it with an Ethernet cable. It might sound complicated, but it’s a pretty straightforward procedure. And while it will introduce some extra cable clutter, it’s better than nothing.

    Once you’ve set everything up, you’ll just have to go into your Network Connection settings in Windows and ensure that network sharing is enabled. The exact location of those settings varies between different Windows versions. But you should always be able to find it through the Power User Menu, accessed by either right-clicking on the Start button or pressing the Windows key + X.

    Important Considerations

    Remember that a VPN is not a free pass to cheat or misbehave in online games. Even though it conceals your original location, it won’t prevent you from getting banned on an account level at various gaming platforms. It’s also not something that should be treated as an anonymity tool.

    Also, as we mentioned above, it’s important to ensure that you’ll be able to use your VPN service on any devices that you might need it on. This will vary from one provider to another, and some may give you trouble when trying to use them on a mobile device, like an Android phone. If this matters to you, check if you can use it. It might cost you a bit more to get a subscription that will fulfill your requirements in those cases. But if you want uninterrupted, quality gaming wherever you are, it’s a worthy sacrifice.

    Other than that, you should always be on the lookout for new service providers that could give you a better deal. The VPN market is constantly evolving. That means new players (no pun intended) come up all the time, in some cases offering fantastic deals for new customers. It’s always worth checking those out if using a VPN is an important part of your gaming habits, even if you’re satisfied with the service you’re using. You never know when something better might come up, and that’s not rare in this field.

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