The Rise of the Pharaohs slot game review

    Slot gaming has come a long way from the one-armed bandits and fruit machines of old. Thanks to innovations in design and gameplay, today’s virtual slot machines have come on so much that they now arguably stand up against the biggest consumer titles. They’re complex and engaging, with a mixture of exceptional graphics, sound effects, exciting gameplay and more ways to win. The Rise of the Pharaohs slot has all of these great features and much more, and is available to play along with a huge range of virtual casino games and further slots for all tastes. We decided to give Rise of the Pharaohs a full crash test, so you can see if it’s worth buying some coins and getting stuck into this brilliant virtual slot game.


    A simple way to get started

    Accessing Rise of the Pharaohs is super-easy, with the full version available either from the mobile casino page or on the great app available on both the Apple and Google Play stores. All you need to do is set up an account and log in to start playing. Any funds you deposit are turned into coins, which are used to feed the machine. If you’ve never played slot games before or aren’t really sure on how Rise of the Pharaohs works, there’s a full rules list and guide to read before you begin.


    Once you’re logged in and have loaded the game (which takes no time at all) it’s time to place your bets and start spinning. Players have a few choices when it comes to feeding coins into Rise of the Pharaohs, making this game perfect for any budget. The symbols are scattered across five reels, and there are up to 15 paylines so you can multiply your wins. You can also choose the coin value that you wish to wager with each spin, with a minimum of 0.15 all the way up to 15.00. This is great if you’re looking for a quick win, but also works if you want to spend a few hours playing.


    There are also some handy autoplay options, so you don’t need to keep clicking the button or upping your coins. The ‘Bet Max’ button lets players wager the full 15.00 across all paylines, allowing for maximum returns, and the brilliant autospin feature, which allows you to play 10, 25, 50, or 100 spins in a row, saves you from wearing out your touchscreen or mouse button.


    Unique and high-quality graphics

    The first thing we noticed when playing Rise of the Pharaohs were the unique and high-quality graphics, which create a premium-level look and feel. After all, lots of slot games use similar themes and a splash of colour to try and make things interesting – but the best games are always the ones with a unique narrative. Rise of the Pharaohs has an Ancient Egypt theme, with Sphinx, Pyramids and even a friendly Cleopatra-esque character complete with cool animations.


    The symbols fit with this theme, with the animal-headed Gods like Anubis, Osiris and Set linked up to unlock coin wins and free spins. The gold death mask of Tutankhamun (which was actually made for his mother in Ancient Egyptian times) acts as the scatter symbol, and Cleopatra herself acts as the bonus symbol.


    The layout and graphics are superb, but the realistic sound effects and themed background music also do a great job making you feel you’ve taken a step back a few thousand years. With each spin of the reel, the symbols feel like heavy stones dropping into place, while traditional Egyptian instruments are used to sound out big wins and free spins. There’s also a backing track with an Ancient Egyptian feel to it. If you’re the kind of person who gets lots in the music they’re listening to, or the TV show they’re watching, this slot game will have you gripped for hours and hours – as it’s one of the best in terms of looks and sound.


    Gripping gameplay

    Once you’ve got the reels spinning, the action really starts. Each linked up symbol across the paylines you choose produce an animation with a clear payout, which is added to your bank straight away. When you manage to land the bonus and scatter symbols together, it’s really clear that you’re having a lucky day!


    The Tutankhamun is the most important symbol to look out for during gameplay. If you manage to see three linked together, any wilds will stick in place, making it easier to win big. The Cleopatra symbol is also important, as this will take you to the bonus round, where you’ve got a choice of two multipliers that will boost your coin win considerably.


    The progressive jackpot is the feature that many players will chase, but for us it’s an added extra that could end up being a life-changing sum of money if you’re lucky enough to win it! The jackpot is awarded at random, which makes every spin that little bit more exciting, as it could literally happen to anyone, anytime. There are millions of winners every month – and the highest amount won in 2018 so far has been a whopping £24,192.


    For us, Rise of the Pharaohs is a superb virtual slot thanks to its great design, top-notch graphics and engaging gameplay that you just don’t tire of, even during a long session. The return to player value of 95.02% is also pretty generous, so you won’t end up running out of coins too quickly. You actually stand a good chance of walking away with a profit compared to other slot games. With a bit of a strategy and a focus on winning coins over going for the jackpot, you’ll find Rise of the Pharaohs a scintillating, enthralling and ultimately rewarding slot game to plug away at.

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