New Plug-In To Cure VR Motion Sickness


    That’s what is being anticipated with the new Unity plugin to help developer address the problem of VR sickness that has caused many players to pack up their headsets and other associated virtual reality paraphernalia and consign them to the highest shelf possible.

    Last Christmas saw a great many VR packages sold, especially the package that Sony had for its PS4, and like many I was delighted to get one as a gift only to find that after a short period I began to get hot and develop nausea and a headache. The worse thing was that these symptoms did not reduce they actually intensified as time went on, ruining my day.

    Such a disappointment was experienced by many people, and even though I have tried some tips to alleviate the symptoms of VR motion sickness, I am wary to play for too long, just in case.

    If you are like me and numerous others and love experiencing new technology then learning of a plugin that would enable VR users to play without having the distressing symptoms of simulation sickness is greatly welcomed.

    VR Tunnelling Pro, or VRTP actually allows developers to introduce a few tools that should reduce simulation sickness in users. The plugin has presents that let the user further adjust their experience making it more comfortable, and of course, ultimately more personal to each individual.

    This means that the peripheral vision can be darkened, or blurred, or a ‘cage’ can be placed there that convinces the brain that motion is not happening at all, which is one of the major reasons that simulation sickness occurs.

    VRTP supports all the major virtual reality platform and there is also a version available for mobile VR use.

    It’s actually refreshing to see that VRTP is available for the mobile user and has not been developed exclusively for the console players, as many of us use our mobiles for most things online. In fact, to lose a mobile device can end up turning into a minor disaster.

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    Today the chat was about VR and what people do to avoid it as much as possible, let’s just hope this new plugin does what it says on the packet!

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