How Mobile Games Have Affected the Gaming Industry


    We’re all about our games here at Nerd Burglars and we’ve been playing a lot of mobile games recently and this got us all thinking about how mobile really has impacted the gaming industry over the last few years. Indeed, mobile gaming is now bigger than traditional gaming which is actually quite crazy when you sit down a think about it.
    We decided to take a look at the modern gaming industry as a whole and note down some ideas on how we feel mobile has affected gamers across the globe. We found some rather interesting stats so keep reading and feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts or leave us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

    The Current State of the Gaming Industry

    Out of all the mobile app categories, games continue to be #1 when it comes downloads and revenue. There has been 53% year-over-year growth as of 2017 and as companies continue to innovate, the gaming industry becomes more diverse with every passing day. The truth is that not all players want to devote huge amounts of time to a video game and the rise of mobile gaming reflects this.

    Casual players simply want to play whenever they feel like it hence why games such as Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are so popular. The rise of the casual gamer has been facilitated partly by the advancement in mobile gaming technologies and with more mobile games than ever before available to play from your phone or tablet, you can begin to see why mobile gaming is so big these days

    Mobile Gaming in the Gambling Industry

    It isn’t just traditional gaming that has been affected by mobile but also the gambling industry as well. That’s right, the traditional online casino is on the decline with sites such as leading the way for mobile casino players. Mobile casinos are now more popular than ever and players can play all their favourite online casino games such as blackjack and roulette straight from their mobile smartphone or tablet.


    Online slots are also hugely popular and with so many mobile-friendly payment methods available, it has never been easier to gamble from a mobile device. Of course, gambling can be a taboo subject for many so it is very important that mobile casino players gamble responsibly as these games have never been more accessible meaning that you could lose lots of money at a quicker rate than ever before so sticking to a budget is a must.

    The games themselves can also be hugely addictive with live games also proving more popular than ever on mobile devices. You can bet hundreds of pounds on a hand of blackjack straight from your phone and with mobile technology continuing to advance at an alarming rate, we cannot see this trend slowing down anytime soon. It will certainly be interesting to see how the mobile gaming market is looking in the next 3 years. We’ll certainly be keeping our eye on it.

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