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    If we ask you what the most popular name is in the comic industry, we can bet it’s going to be Marvel. The Marvel heroes have graced legends, and the company’s goods are getting more and more successful. While it has all begun with the comic magazines, now we have shows, TV series, posters, computer games, toys, and, online casino games. Marvel slots take the vital part of the casino industry and have their loyal fans from different edges of the world, and there are some reasons for it. First of all, Marvel is a trend and performing Marvel-themed slot games is a process of catching this trend without even leaving the apartment. And, secondly, these video slots are exciting, and there is a wide list of games that you can pick from.

    The Marvel slots usually are dedicated to one of the superheroes or the combination of them in the matter of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four and have fundamental game symbols, sound impacts, and video clips. They fully follow the original comic movie environment and are fun to play both when you are the Marvel fan and know zero about their products.

    It can be challenging to pick one Marvel style slot machine game to begin from so we are here to assist. Playtech makes most of the Marvel games, and the X-Men game is not exclusion. It’s not the most modern casino game, but it can be your ideal one with its bonus rounds and special X-features. In case you are a follower of the Iron Man, we have at least four games to provide. The Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, as well as the Iron Man 25 lines, are the section of the Playtech group with the excellent graphics and gameplay. Having Robert Downey Jr., it will win your soul from the initial spin. If you love something not-so-mainstream, then play the Ghost Rider or the Daredevil games that highlight superheroes that are not so famous yet but can still earn you the fun and the wins. Or take them all and play one of the Avenger group slots being the excellent examples of gambling games.

                                         Software Providers Offering Marvel Slots

    There have been two software providers giving Marvel slots to players since 2005. You get Marvel slots from Cryptologic as well as Playtech, two experts of the online casino software industry, done through licensing deals with Marvel Comics. Cryptologic was the first to bring these wonderful slots to the online casino. Their games were more in line with the comic magazines and model. After Disney took over Marvel, the license for Cryptologic was not renewed. This followed in the Marvel slots from this provider being switched.

    The second provider offering Marvel slots is Playtech. Playtech took these unique slots to a wholly different level: 3D-quality graphics and animations, loads of individual features, progressive jackpots – they have it all. Playtech’s Marvel slots are hugely popular among worldwide players and available at any Playtech mobile casino.


                                   The Complete Range of Playtech Marvel Slots

    The excellent thing about the Marvel slot range is that it isn’t static, as when a new movie comes out, along comes a new slot! At the moment of writing there are several slots based upon the movies, though few of these games have two tales with differing values of win lines, so you could improve that number, as the variants do play individually.

    Here is a review of the Marvel Games:

    •    Avengers – 20 lines
    •    Captain America – 20 lines
    •    Daredevil – 20 lines
    •    Blade – 20 lines
    •    Elektra – 20 lines
    •    Ghost Rider – 20 lines
    •    Spiderman – 25 lines
    •    Iron Man – 25 lines
    •    Iron Man 2 – 25 lines
    •    Iron Man 3 – 25 lines
    •    Fantastic Four – 20 lines and 50 lines
    •    X-Men – 25 lines and 50 lines
    •    The Incredible Hulk – 25 lines and 50 lines
    •    Wolverine – 25 lines
    •    Thor The Mighty Avenger – 30 lines

    Marvel Casinos – How the Marvel Jackpots Works

    All Marvel slots from Playtech have a progressive jackpot added to them. Games come with a progressive round that has four jackpots within it. The highest of which is normally in the limit of $500,000 to $1,000,000. These are triggered at chance while you play any of the games or the Marvel Roulette.

    •    Power Jackpot
    •    Extra Power Jackpot
    •    Super Power Jackpot
    •    Ultimate Power Jackpot

    What follows is that your normal game gets delayed and you get to pick from a grid of icons. As you turn any card, it will show one of the jackpots by name (max power and so on). When you hit three the equal, you win that jackpot. While the cards are randomly assigned, there are more for the smaller jackpots – which will be gained a lot more frequently.

    The jackpot series is a great money game, yes, but it is not as simple to get a progressive jackpot as it is to win during the base game. The RTP is less than 100%, and the variation is high given that the progressive jackpot is expected to be enormous. But it is worth taking a shot at; if Lady Luck is by your side, you just might hit it.

    The reason that the Marvel Jackpot gets so significant is that this is shared between all of the casinos which offer the slots. Having access to 1000’s of players at one time indicates that those cents and pennies quickly add up. Once the jackpot begins to get high, this works as an attraction in its own right, enhancing the number of players trying out the slots – a virtuous circle!

    One more thing to note is that this can be triggered while playing for any buy-in level. As you raise your stakes, the equal opportunities of triggering it will get bigger, having said that it is probably to walk away with a great million after betting the minimum expense!

    An obvious way would be to catch a shot at the smaller jackpots and observe the regularity with which the jackpots pay out. There is no guarantee of winning by just doing this, but it surely can give you a feel of the pattern of play and assist you in planning your moves respectively. Playing significant values also definitely improves your chances of scoring a win. Play games with the highest RTP; that gives you a higher chance of scoring a payout. The following are the RTPs for some of the Marvel slots:

    •    Iron Man 2: 95.98%
    •    Spider-Man – Attack of the Green Goblin: 95.18%
    •    X-Men: 95.03%
    •    The Avengers: 95.02%
    •    Fantastic Four: 94.88%

                                              Marvel Casinos – The Best Slots

    For me, the Marvel slots manage to combine solid gameplay with some appealing bonus games. While some slots are tough, having 3+ bonus games and innovative on-reel way, on the whole, the Marvel slots are more reliable. You’ll get 1 or 2 bonus games, usually involving a movie-theme – along with growing wilds or other on-reel points.

    Here are my favorites – though do play a few others, as your taste may differ!

    Picking out the best of this collection is no easy job, as every game is highly playable, so I’d certainly suggest playing all of them. Though, if you told me the world was going to end unless I played these slots and even the Avengers were weak to stop it, I’d choose the following slots!

    •    The Incredible Hulk: I like the game-play which is reliable and reasonably ‘quiet’ for the most portions. Occasionally you’ll get the feature which includes destroying cop helicopters and cars. The best thing is that during this point you’ll sometimes see the Hulk go insane and destroy all of the helicopters and cars. Add to this the possibility of that life-changing jackpot, and you have an all-around fabulous slot.
    •    Avengers: The Avengers were forever among the most famous superheroes in the industry before the publicity of their 2012 movie, which was the greatest box office achievement of all period. One of the best points of this game is the point that it includes all of the team members in many various forms. For instance, getting all of them on the screen could make you a big bonus, while the Wall of Heroes feature needs you to find matching heroic symbols to open free spins games. Why have a slot based on one superhero when you can have 4. This game involves Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man bonus games. You’ll trigger a special ‘Avengers Assemble’ win by getting five superheroes on one on each line as well as special bonus series. I’d suggest Avengers as a great opening point for the Marvel slots range.
    •    X-Men: This slot machine has been a longtime love of several players, and especially those who are followers of the team of superhuman mutants. The game highlights a cast of heroes and villains doing battle in a free spins game that can go on extremely as long as you stay on the side of the good guys while your time will be insufficient once you’re relying on their enemies.
    •    Iron Man: This game features two different Iron Man symbols as well as Tony Stark in the flesh. Both Iron Man symbols act as expanding wilds, and the ‘Iron Man’ (worded) symbol acts as a scatter symbol for the ‘Missile Attack’ bonus round. Here you’ll shoot down missiles to win either cash prizes, free spins or a multiplier for the free games.
    •    Iron Man 2: This game features the characters from the second film in the franchise. The top symbol in the game is Tony Stark, and six of the symbols on the game occupy two reels, which makes for a very original game. The ‘Iron Man 2’ symbol acts as the scatter symbol, where you’ll gain ten free games with increased multiples the more scatter symbols you land.
    •    Iron Man 3: As the slot name would indicate, this is the third in a line of Iron Man-themed games provided by Playtech, each of which has been based on movies of the same name. In this story, you’ll have the strength to hit combinations of characters that trigger automatic respins, while three or more Iron Man symbols will launch the Hall of Armor feature, where you’ll gain access to different types of free spins games. This is the latest in the Iron Man slots series (the others are merely numbered 1 and 2). What makes this 25 line video slot stand out are the three separate bonus features – one for Mark 42, one for the War Machine and the other for the Iron Patriot. Freezing and random wilds add some addition to the main game too.

                                             Best Marvel Casino – Following Moves

    For me, the Marvel series of games is an outstanding interest to the world of online casinos. Once you try them out, you’ll immediately see what makes them among the most successful games online.

    The Marvel Series slots have shown to be a very popular group of games amongst online casino and slots players. Created by Playtech, they bring the comic book heroes to life with incredible animations, graphics, soundtracks, and features which match any slot game available online. The Marvel slots are packed full of bonus features, free spins and unique aspects that guarantee non-stop action and thrilling experience.

    Marvel Heroes slots are real money gambling slot machines that are so much pleasure to play and can result in tremendous rewards and winnings. Marvel slots are real fun, provide big payouts in the form of progressive jackpots, and are therefore quite trendy among players. So if you are an online slots fan and a lover of Marvel Comics when you were a kid just trust me and go for the amazing Marvel slots online!

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