How to Play Xbox ISOs on PC


    Some players think that the days of GTA San Andreas and Mortal Kombat are long gone. Still, there are those adherents of legendary games who fondly look back on the days where they used to spend sleepless nights in front of the screen with an awesome console in their hands. Yes, Xbox has bestowed some of the greatest and funniest experiences on the players from all over the world.

    With the advent and extreme popularization of Android and Mac gadgets, more and more people tend to opt out of playing games on consoles. Still, there are those who hold on to their functioning retro console, taking special pride in possessing a gaming relic of all times. There is also another category of players. They are the guys craving to revive the experience of playing on the legendary console, but don’t actually own one. If you are one of these guys you should go on reading to learn how to start playing your favorite classics on just any PC at your disposal.

    Presently, anyone has a chance to play original Xbox games on their computer through the magic of emulators. Aside from an emulator itself, you are also gonna need Xbox ISOs.

    Choosing and Downloading an Xbox Emulator

    There are plenty of emulators that can be easily found online. Some of them are software created by amateur fans of Xbox. As the rule, you can download them for free and test them on your PC. Still, very often such software is “raw” and poorly developed, which won’t let you enjoy the gaming process to its full. You are also free to opt for professional or premium emulators, which, nonetheless, can be quite costly due to their quality. Such tools usually can boast of their stability and graphic setting functionality.

    Prior to downloading an emulator of your choice, make sure you the website housing the emulator you intend to download is authoritative. It is also advisable that you check your system requirements to make sure your hardware can support the downloaded soft.

    Also keep in mind that you won’t be able to use an Xbox emulator to play games on the consoles other that Xbox.

    Once you have made your mind regarding the emulator you want to use, you are free to launch the download process.

    You will get a compressed file on your computer, and you’ll be required to create a new folder prior to decompressing it.

    Downloading ISOs

    If you are an Android user, you can either download the Xbox ISO of your liking to your PC and then import the software to your device by means of USB, or download it directly to your mobile device on your smartphone. Just visit RomsMania website offering a plethora of splendid Xbox ISOs and download your favorite game.

    If you are on a Mac or Windows, then you will simply need to click on the ISO of the game you want to play, select the “Download” option and get the necessary file saved in your folder. You may also want to avail yourself of the Download Manager program to make downloading faster.

    Download the BIOS

    Please note that some emulators may require you to download a BIOS file, necessary for starting up the loading screen.

    Once you are done with getting BIOS files, you will need to copy and paste the archived file to a certain directory. Your route will be something like this: C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Xbox\bios. You are free to change it to one of your liking by unselecting “Use default section” and choosing any other directory.

    Go Play!

    With the emulator and ISO now downloaded, you will want to run your emulator. This process can vary, depending on the software you are using. Most programs will prompt you to open your game right away. If not, choose the “Open” option or hit the “Load” button. On your Android device, the downloaded games will most likely to be stored under the “Download” folder.

    Finally, you will need to load the game file up by clicking on it. It should be a .zip file, and there is no need to unpack it. Just like that, you’re off to play new games.

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