How To Play Retrogames Online


    Mastered Super Mario Crossover 2, and now you’re looking for more retro gaming challenges?

    Believe it or not, you can play the best retro games online without having to download or pay for anything?

    Maybe you just want to go down memory lane and replay the best games of your youth. Or, maybe you missed out on a particular retro game and now have the time to play it. How fun would it be to play all the best games of past consoles like the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and even some arcade classics?

    Are you ready for a blast from the past? Here’s how to play retrogames online.


    What You Will Need

    A Computer

    While it’s possible to play old-school console games using your iPad or a smart phone, a desktop computer or a laptop will be the perfect medium. These sites will have built-in html5 or flash-based engines; some of them will have default keyboard inputs as they assume that you’ll be playing on a computer.

    Remember, the newer the console and the better-looking the retro game, the more graphical power you’ll need. We will cover things such as minimum requirements later.


    An Internet Connection

    You will need a speedy internet connection to play oldies seamlessly and smoothly. You won’t be downloading emulators, programs or roms per se, and everything is done on-site. When you’re playing Gameboy Advance games the file sizes will be much smaller as compared to playing Playstation 1 games on the internet.

    Bottom line, the slower your internet is, the longer the game loads and the less enjoyable the experience becomes. You’ll be limited to quick-loading games for the sake of having fun.



    Most retrogame sites will have default inputs like the following- the Start button will be the Enter key; the usual A and B buttons will be the Z and the X, and if there are additional buttons (like the GBA or the PS1), the buttons will be mapped out at the top, i.e., Q and W for the L1 and R1 buttons, etc.

    The question is, are you comfortable with the default input settings, or would you want to change it according to your specifications? If so, click on the keyboard icon as the game loads and a menu will come up. From there, you can map out each key by clicking on it, then tapping on your preferred key press.



    You may think that playing Super Mario Bros. can be done on any computer, but what you’re looking for is at least 50 fps, or 50 frames per second for smoother gameplay.

    The rule of thumb is that your computer’s hardware, namely its CPU (processor) and GPU (graphics card) must be better if you plan on loading up on graphic-intensive games starting from the Super NES to the Playstation 1 era. Using a laptop with an integrated graphics card isn’t recommended. You’ll need at least a dual core processor and a dedicated graphics card to run any retro game you want at the best possible FPS.


    Just follow these steps and you’ll be playing your favorite retrogames in no time. You might like it so much that you bookmark these retro gaming sites and visit every now and then.

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