Life Is Strange Episode 1 Trophy & Achievement Guide

    Life Is Strange

    The entire trophy list involves finding and taking all of the games optional photo opportunities. Once you collect them all you will get a trophy/achievement for collecting all the optional photo moments.

    Macro Eyes

    Optional photo #1 – In the classroom at the start there will be an engraving on the table. Go over to the desk and take the photo.

    Wide Angles

    Optional photo #2 – Once you get outside of the school you will see a water fountain. Go to the front and take a picture of the bronze statue in the middle.


    Optional photo #3 – Right next to the statue there will be a guy skateboarding. Near him is a guy sitting on the wall with a red hat. Talk to him and agree to take a picture of the guy skateboarding. This will involve having to reverse time in order to unlock the right conversation options.


    Optional photo #4 – Over near the dorms there will be a green area outside the front. There will be 2 guys throwing a football around. Face the front door of the building and go left. Around the middle of the hedge is a tree with a squirrel next to a can. Take a picture of this squirrel.

    Red Eye

    Optional photo #5 – Inside your bedroom in the dorm building is a mirror. Look at the mirror and take a picture of yourself.


    Optional photo #6 – Go into Victoria’s room in the dorm building. Right next to the door is a collection of pictures stuck to a board. Mess these up and there will be an option to take a picture after this is complete.

    Zoomed In

    Optional photo #7 – After you leave the dorm and go back outside there will be a girl sitting on a bench. The guy with the football is going to throw the ball and it will hit her. Rewind time and warn the girl about the football. The ball will bounce and hit the window, smashing it. Take a picture of the smashed window.

    Focal Pointed

    Optional photo #8 – Out in the car park there is an RV. On the side is a dirty window that you can draw a picture on with your finger. Draw a picture and then take a photograph of this drawing.

    Maximum Aperture

    Optional photo #9 – When you begin the walk up the light house at sunset, turn and walk backwards. There will be a bird on a rock that you can photograph

    Light Leak

    Optional photo #10 – Finally, when you get to the top of the hill by the lighthouse. You will see the other girl sitting on the bench looking at the sunset. Go up behind her and take a picture.

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