Can Gaming work as a Marketing Tool?


    If you ask people today what is one of their most preferred hobbies, they will likely mention video gaming. More and more people game today no matter their age or gender. With such a large audience participating in gaming, many brands are recognizing the potential to reach even more consumers by creating partnerships with game developers and publishers.

    One way in which video games are being used for advertising is a marketing concept known as advergaming. By collaborating with game designers, the brand name will somehow appear in the game. Consumers today find this to be a much more engaging way in which to interact with advertising. Social media sites have helped to make these games even more accessible. The fast food restaurant, Burger King, joined game designers to create their own game for the Xbox known as Sneak King. Customers of the restaurant would get a key to download the game from purchasing a meal. Other businesses collaborate with game designers to add their product to the game as occurs frequently with automotive manufacturers.

    Many people today also game at online casinos and although there are some regulations within the industries, they often are used to promote different media forms. Many slot machines at these sites feature movies, sports and music. Bally Technologies designed a Nascar slot machine game to promote the stock car racing sport as well as to draw in fans. Popular movies such as the Dark Knight have also been promoted through slot machine gaming as well. Social media can spread word of these games quickly and given your preferences can have them occur in your feed.

    A different form of advertising, gaming allows consumers to be active rather than passive in interacting with brand names and products. Given the popularity of gaming for all, this use of gaming for marketing purposes is likely to continue.

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