4 EZ Online Games for When You Don't Want to Shoot Anyone


    We all played countless games that required you to shoot and kill your enemies, destroy this and that and whatnot. But, what about playing online games when you aren’t in the mood of shooting and killing anyone? It’s just that you need a break from time to time from all that shooting and violence. The fun isn’t only in killing ax-wielding ghosts, trolls, goblins or vampires and zombies.

    Non-violent games can be exciting and fun too. Most of these games are about exploration, boosting cognitive skills, having peace of mind while you enjoy your favorite fun pastime. Some of these games can even provide a meditative experience while others allow you to experiment and build things. Use your brain instead of sheer instinct. If you simply crave more sedate gaming, experiencing non-violent games might just be what you’re looking for.

    It’s good to take a break from a competitive streak and try some dreaming, building, driving, puzzling, walking or even flying, anything goes really. So, when you aren’t in the mood to save the universe, here are four fine online games that will put your mind at ease.

    1. Tetris – Oldie but Goldie

    It’s Tetris, it’s online, and it’s free. Known as one of the most addictive puzzle games in the world, it was Tetris that set things in motion for the gaming world. Revolving around a simple idea of creating order out of chaos, this 34 years old game is still one of the most recognizable and successful video games.

    It used to be available only on arcade games and small handheld devices but it has had an online revival, to the ultimate delight of Tetris lovers. It’s available on almost every gaming platform that exists. The objective is amazingly simple: clear all horizontal lines of Blocks and score as many points as you possibly can.

    There are three ways to do it: by moving, rotating, and dropping the falling Tetriminos. It’s as simple as that. If you like puzzles and simplicity, online Tetris is absolutely the game for you.


    1. Slotomania – A Plethora of Free Slot Games Available Online

    Without any exaggeration, it’s safe to say that there’s no person in this world who doesn’t like some free social slot games online. Well, if you like to call yourself a spinner, you’re in for the sweetest ride of your life. Slotomania, also known as the ”numero uno” free social slot game online, is here to make sure your favorite entertainment never ends.

    The best proof that this is so is over 100 million Slotomania spinners who can all confirm that this is the most fun that a casino can offer. If you’re looking for the most exciting casino experience ever, Slotomania should be your top choice. There are over a hundred Slotomania free casino slot games waiting for you, with more to come.

    You won’t be just entertained but also challenged and engaged. Special bonuses, free rides, extra coins on every turn, more games coming each day, yes, Slotomania has it all. It’s the most rewarding game in the entire world. If you like spinning, you’ll love Slotomania. Start your own entertainment, let the spin begin and play slot games online on the best online platform on the net.


    1. Karoshi Suicide Salaryman – How Would You Like to Die?

    Welcome to your introduction with quite a different type of game named Karoshi Suicide Salaryman. It’s a game where your main goal is slightly different from all other games. Here, you have to die. Quite simple. Now, it took some time until this quite popular game saw the face of the Internet, but it’s finally here, available online. This is the first official flash installment.

    It’s a simple puzzle platform game with an even simpler goal: find the most creative ways to die. While it isn’t exactly a cutting-edge technological miracle of a game, there’s much fun to be had here, to be honest. Where else would you get a chance to stand under a falling safe until you’re smashed, electrify yourself to death or impale your body on spikes?

    The controls are equally simple so literally everyone will be able to play this funny game with ease. This is a humoristic depiction of self-destruction in the funniest way possible. A real food for thought.

    1. Gold Panic – Golden Fever Is Back

    Are you in the mood of helping the miner fill his cart with nuggets of gold? If the answer is yes, Gold Panic might be the right game for you. The goal is so simple that it’s laughable – a player needs to help the miner locate gold and then get that gold into his cart. Using nothing but simple controls to control the movement, Gold Panic is one of the most relaxing games that you can find online.

    Since it’s available for free, anyone can play it whenever they want. It’s an addictive and funny online puzzle game full of good moments where you’re just trying to get rich. The internet completely changed our gaming experience and Gold Panic is a good example – now anyone with an internet connection can get filthy rich.

    Of course, there’s also a social aspect to this. Online games bring people together and help them to better understand not just the world but themselves as well, all while having fun.

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