3 Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2018 – and Why


    The list of the most anticipated video games of 2018 is filled with titles from a series of developers and publishers big and small, each of them promising a more immersive, more impressive, more visually appealing experience to players. But there are many games on the list, no matter which one you read online, that are the “same old” stuff dressed up in new clothes and bring nothing truly new to the table. There are, of course, exceptions – games that are truly innovative and unique (or at least we expect them to be). Here are some that we can’t wait to play in 2018 – and we also tell you what makes them unique.

    A Game with a Message: Far Cry 5

    The Far Cry series was always set in a world far away from ours, inhabited by rebels, drug dealers, tribes, and laser-powered dinosaurs (Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon was a truly memorable game, don’t you think?). But in the last couple of years, Ubisoft dared to be different: in 2016, it gave us Far Cry: Primal, taking the action into prehistoric times, and with Far Cry 5, it takes it to modern-day America – and seemingly tries to send a message, too.
    Instead of the usual “fighting warlords and smugglers”, the new game tackles threats that are far closer to our home (and our real life): cults and racial conflict. In it, players take over the role of a sheriff’s deputy who takes on cult leader Joseph Seed in a fictional town in Montana, USA. The game comes at a time when such conflicts are a sensitive topic, which has drawn a lot of criticism. The game has surely touched a vein – we can’t wait to dig deeper into it this March.

    Literature and Gaming: Metro Exodus

    The “Metro” series of video games was a breath of fresh air for sci-fi loving gamers. Based on the novels of Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, the series tells the story of the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse who have found safe haven in the tunnels of the Moscow underground. There, they have to take on threats each day – mutated animals, mysterious psychic beings, radiation, and various factions of humans – and survive.
    Metro Exodus picks up the story where the previous games left off: its action takes place in 2036, with Artyom – the protagonist of the novels and the previous games – leaves the Moscow subway to take on a year-long journey to the Far East, hoping for a new life. Expect the game to be released this fall.

    Intriguing: Surviving Mars

    We live in an age when space exploration can finally go beyond Moon – we might see the first humans set foot on Mars in the coming years. This is what “Surviving Mars”, Paradox Interactive’s upcoming game, uses as its premise. In it, players will have to establish a Mars colony, a challenging task not every one of us is cut out to be able to overtake.

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