Writing an article about coolest suits of armor is a pretty tough task when you consider that there are RPG games out there that have dozens of really cool looking gear so i decided to try and stay from hardcore RPG games unless there was something that really needed a mention. So lets not waste any more time, here are the best suits of armor in video games.


You don’t even have to see War to know that he is going to be a total beast! He is 1 of the 4 horse man of course he is going to be a badass. Its a good thing his horse is a tank because he must weigh a ton geared up with all that armor.

Darksiders - War
Darksiders – War

Nemeroths Terminator Armor

Practically every armor type in the Warhammer universe is over the top amazing! Even your standard space marine is a step above anything else. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any space marine terminators in Warhammer space marine but thankfully Nemeroth was wearing some form of terminator armour which was absolutely amazing! It must have taken the designer months to create this model for the game.

Warhammer - Nemroth
Warhammer – Nemroth

Nano Suit

The Nano Suit isn’t quite your conventional suit of armor. It kind of reminds of me Solid Snakes Octo Cammo but with the ability to stop bullets. With Crysis being a FPS the Nano Suit doesn’t get much love for how it looks since the player never gets to see it but that doesnt make it any less cool.

Crysis - Nano Suit
Crysis – Nano Suit

Daedric Armour

This was what smithing was all about. After hours of grinding and then a lot of googling to find out where the hell you could get daedric hearts you got rewarded very well for your hard work. Like most armor in this game the male version looked a lot cooler than the female version but both were pretty evil looking.

Skyrim - Daedric Armor
Skyrim – Daedric Armor

Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor

Not the most crazy suit of armor ever but for those who have played this game there is something that is just awesome about the power armor. There are other variations such as the enclave advanced power armor but it doesn’t have that same retro modern look and feel that the basic pre great war power armor has.

Fallout - Power Armor
Fallout – Power Armor

Helghast Heavy Trooper

Everyone remembers the first time they came across 1 of these guys in Killzone 2. Not the hardest enemy in the world but still he was no push over. Looks a bit like a bit like a juggernaut from COD with a slap of Helghast paint over it.

Killzone - Helghast Heavy Trooper
Killzone – Helghast Heavy Trooper

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor

Yeah it actually has a proper name, but to me it’s always going to be called Master Chief regardless of whether it is Master Chief or not. While my opinion of halo has slowly degraded over the years there is no denying that when master chief first came on the scene he looks seriously cool! Even now its still 1 of my favorite suits of armor.

Halo - MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor
Halo – MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor

HEV Suit

Who doesn’t like this suit? Not only is it a signature look from the half life games but it even talks you! For them times when you and hopping through pools of waste this suit will speak up with its best Stephen Hawking impersonation and let you know what there is radiation about the place just in case the steaming pools of radioactive waste weren’t enough of a clue.

Half Life - Hev Suit
Half Life – Hev Suit

Starcraft Marine Vs Warhammer Space Marine

This is a tough topic because both suits of armor look almost the same, there is definitely some plagiarism going on here but that’s not my business. I would definitely be more fond of the Warhammer Space marine over the Starcraft Marine. Warhammer mastered crazy sci-fi armor a long time ago and its only gotten better over the years. While the starcraft armor is cool and it is also different they are just too alike to be able to equally like both the same.

Space Marine
Space Marine

Samus Aran

I can still remember the mind blow when i discovered that this wasn’t a robot called metroid that it was in fact a woman inside a suit of armor. Definitely 1 of my more favourite suits of armor, simple yet awesome! It sucks that this game is exclusive to Nintendo because it’s 1 if the few 1st party Nintendo games that has potential for world domination if it were multi platform.

Metroid Samus Aran
Metroid Samus Aran

Big Daddy Suit

There are a few variations of this suit of armor but the bouncer is definitely my favorite of the lot. The retro over sized diving gear look combined with that monstrous drill make him pretty badass. Nothing quite like that shit your pants moment when the light inside the helmet goes from yellow to red! While some people will much prefer the alpha series big daddy there is just something about this big daddy that’s better.

Bioshock Big Daddy
Bioshock Big Daddy

8 Bit Mega Man

Over the past few years Mega Man has taken a turn in a weird direction for me and now looks like a 8 year old boy in an oddly proportioned suit, Mega Boy would be a much more appropriate title for his current look. Back in the 8-bit days Mega Man was different and to me a lot cooler. There were many variations in color depending on what power you had active but i think the standard blue is the signature look and my favourite color too.


Augmented Reaction Suit

This suit much like Vanquish in general is a whole lot of crazy! This suit is a total blast to play with as it allows you to slide across the map and perform all sorts of weird actions that make Vanquish the awesome game that it is. Along with being badass it’s also a pretty cool looking suit although it does look as though a few ideas may have been stolen from other games.

Vanquish Augmented Reaction Suit
Vanquish Augmented Reaction Suit

Kendal Armor

There are quite a lot of variations of this suit of armor but all are quite similar with only a few minor differences between them. The gold and silver sort of holy armor look is always awesome and this is definitely 1 of my favourites.

Kendall Armor
Kendall Armor

Terminus Assault Armor

Ive always found the armor in the mass effect games to be a bit bland. While they do look cool and futuristic they don’t have much about them that really pops out…but then there is the Terminus Armor. While it does look like the other armor the red trim just gives it that little extra bit that most other armor in the game is missing.

Mass Effect Terminus Assault Armor
Mass Effect Terminus Assault Armor

Isaac Clarke

This suit of armor has quickly become a recognizable piece over the past few years. The helmet has a really cool look to it and the glow coming from inside makes it cooler again. There aren’t too many other suits of armor that look like this 1 which is why i like it so much.

Dead Space Isaac Clarke
Dead Space Isaac Clarke


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