Best Coop Games To Play During Lockdown

coop games lockdown

The lockdown triggered by Covid-19 can be pretty boring. Since all we have to do is stay at home to keep safe and do out part, the only challenging part is finding interesting things to kill time. Video games are always a great way to spend time. Why not use this chance to team up with some buddies to play coop games together. This post will help you find some great coop games to play during the lockdown.

There are lots of great online games out. We have the annual releases like Call of Duty where there is a competitive multiplayer game. For those that like these kinds of games, you are spoiled for choice. For those who prefer teaming up with buddies to take on NPC (computer-controlled enemies), it is considerably harder, especially if you want games that support 4 players in one team.

Zombie Coop Games

Zombies make for one of the best video game enemies. Depending on the game, they can be quick or slow. They are relentless and swarm in large numbers. They also do not fear death, since they are dead already. Call of Duty really won us all over with the zombies game mode in World at War. Since then, we have been seeing more and more online coop games that feature zombies.

Here are some of the top 4 coop games with zombies. You can find the full list of 10 best coop games with zombies if you want to view them all.

Best Coop Games For Lockdown

I have put a lot of effort in the past to come up with a complete list of coop games for consoles. This has plenty of games for Xbox, PS4 and PC. Some of these are also on the Switch. I will post a list of the best games below but I would suggest checking out the full list as it has a large number of games that are well worth checking out. You will find something on this list to satisfy all genres.

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