Beginners Guide To Final Fantasy XV

With any large game there is always the a feeling you get at the start where you have so much to learn, that you don’t want to miss out on anything important. Figuring out some brilliant feature of a game once you have beaten it can be quite annoying. I have prepared a beginners guide to Final Fantasy XV that will give you some tips on the need to know features of the game for those who are just getting started. Here are some useful tips for those just getting started. I suppose it goes without saying, but its a good idea to play through the tutorial to figure everything out. The tutorial does a good job at helping you get to grips with the game.

Note: I am going to avoid any glitches as these will likely be patched out. Feel free to post any glitches in the comments below.


If you have been reading reviews, you will have noticed that people have been complaining about it at times. The camera will generally stay quite close to your character, which is fine. Later in the game when battles get big, this can be a hindrance. If you pause the game and go to the camera settings menu. From here you can change the camera distance to fa, which gives you a much better view of the larger battles.

Be Afraid of the Dark

This isn’t a rule to live by, but it sure is at the beginning of the game. Just like the days of Ocarina of Time, if you travel at night, enemies can randomly appear out of the ground. Some of these can whoop your ass pretty quickly, so be prepared. If you see the sun is going down, head to a campsite and wait for the morning. You need to sleep to get your XP, so you really need this at the start anyway.

Take Advantage of Ignis

Death is not the end of the world, but it is not something you want to have happen regularly in this game. To counter this, you will need to spend money on health potions to keep your team alive. This runs back into the money shortage issues you have at the start. While its important to evenly level characters, it is wise to spend AP on Ignis. He is a healer and once you have unlocked his healing ability, you will save a lot of money not having to rely entirely on health potions to stay alive.

Food Buffs

If you are about to head off to a battle that you know is going to cause some difficulty, food can be a great way to give you some buffs. Look out for the nearest knife and fork icon that represents some food outlet. This food can then be consumed to give you some buffs that will give your characters a nice boost during battle.

Finding Money

You will quickly find that Gil doesn’t drop from every enemy like you might expect from RPGs. There are some handy ways to obtain money if you need it. Here are some useful methods to be aware of when you need to stock up on some cash.

Monster Bountys

When you speak with a diner owner at a food outlet they can give you come quests to go out and slay some monster. The reward from this can be quite a tidy sum. It does get a bit boring when you are stuck doing grind jobs, but if you are stuck its a great way to get money.


It’s very easy to become a hoarder with a game like this. There is very little need for half of the junk you are carrying around with you. The Gil earned from trading goods is far more useful than having an item on hand “just in case” you need it at some stage in the future.

Use Stealth

Final Fantasy XV incorporates elements of stealth that will allow you to sneak up on targets and take them out without having to engage in battle. For some this might seem like the boring approach, but it’s very useful at the start. Once you are stronger, a battle might be better, but when you are starting out, take advantage of stealth. It will save you wasting health potions/Gil.

Gaining Easy XP

Gaining XP isn’t really a mystery, but there are ways to really make a lot without putting in any extra work. Depending on where you sleep at night, you will earn an XP multiplier. At the start you will be sticking with camp sites as money will be a bit lower than later on. Campers can be a cheap way to get a 1.2 XP multiplier. Small price for a valuable boost. Roadside motels can give 1.5 XP multiplier which is also great considering they can be a few hundred Gill. Hotels can earn you double XP, but the downside is these cost a damn fortune. By the time you can afford this, you will also be able to make it through the night in order to gather a lot of XP before cashing it in at the hotel.

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