Barbie Movie Drinking Game: Sparkling Fun and Fashion

Barbie Movie Drinking Game

Attention, Barbie fans! Embark on magical journeys filled with laughter, fashion, and friendship with our Barbie Movie Drinking Game! It’s the perfect opportunity to revisit your favorite childhood movies while enjoying refreshing beverages.

Game Setup

Before leaping into the world of Barbie, let’s lay the foundation for our enchanting experience:

  1. Movies: Any Barbie movie from the extensive list of animated films
  2. Drinks: Your preferred beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
  3. Participants: At least 2 players (the more, the merrier!)
  4. Optional: A printed copy of the drinking rules for easy reference during the game

Establish how much you’ll drink for each rule before diving into the fantastic Barbie world.


Keep your eyes glued to the screen and your drinks in hand! Take a sip whenever these charming events unfold:

Main Themes and Characters

  • Barbie
    • Demonstrates kindness or compassion
    • Shows off her impressive fashion sense or changes her outfit
    • Uses her intuition or intelligence to solve a problem
  • Friendship
    • Barbie and her friends share a moment of bonding or support
    • A character learns the value of friendship or cooperation
    • New friendships are formed or old ones are tested
  • Music and Dance
    • A musical number or song begins
    • Barbie or her friends showcase their dancing abilities
    • Instruments or the power of music play a significant role in the story

Magical Elements and Adventures

  • An enchanting world or mystical creature is introduced
  • Barbie discovers her true potential or hidden talent
  • Characters embark on a daring mission, rescue, or quest

Love and Family

  • A romantic subplot or love story is developed
  • Barbie or another character discovers true love or strengthens an existing bond
  • Characters come together to celebrate or support the family

Optional Rules

  • A character makes a reference to real-life Barbie dolls or accessories
  • Glitter or sparkle effects appear on-screen
  • Barbie or another character delivers an inspiring or motivational speech

Game End

The Barbie Movie Drinking Game concludes as the credits roll on the movie you’re watching. With numerous Barbie movies to choose from, you’ll have plenty of adventures to explore!

So gather your friends, pour your favorite drinks, and immerse yourselves in the whimsical world of Barbie. Let the magic, fashion, and laughter commence. Cheers! 🥂

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