Archer Drinking Game

Archer Drinking Game

Calling all Archer fans! Embark on a global tour of thrills, humor, and a dash of world-class spy business with our Archer Drinking Game. Prepare your favorite drinks and join Sterling Archer, the world’s most perilously suave secret agent, and the fray of colorful characters in their topsy-turvy adventures.

Game Setup

Before we dive into this animated world of secret missions and snappy humor, let’s set the board:

  1. Episodes: Any episodes from the Archer series
  2. Drinks: Your favorite alcoholic beverage (beer, wine, or cocktails)
  3. Participants: At least 2 players (because more secret agents mean more fun!)
  4. Optional: A printed copy of the drinking rules for easy reference during the game

Establish how much you’ll drink for each rule before starting!


Hold on to your hilarity and your beverages! Take a sip whenever these distinctive events unwind:

Main Characters

  • Sterling Malory Archer
    • Refer to or endorse his favorite drink: “Burt Reynolds, it’s incredibly smooth.”
    • Wear his trademark black turtleneck or speak about its versatility
    • Discover a troublesome or amusing situation due to his ego or recklessness
  • Malory Archer
    • Disclose her manipulative schemes or shady actions
    • Is seen drinking or referring to her love for alcohol
    • Act haughty or express condescension towards her son’s or staff’s incompetence
  • Lana Kane
    • Use her signature “Yupo” catchphrase
    • Express exasperation at Archer’s antics or unprofessionalism
    • “Truckasaurus” hands are mentioned or shown
  • Cyril Figgis
    • Acts insecure or brings attention to his low self-esteem
    • Relapse into his sex addiction problems or the phrase “Suppressing fire!” is yelled.
    • Be mistreated or disrespectfully ignored by Archer
  • Cheryl/Carol Tunt
    • Display her eccentric behavior or her infatuation with Archer
    • Alter her name or references to her wealthy lineage
    • Act out her peculiar love for danger, violence, or strangulation habits
  • Pam Poovey
    • Reveal shocking details about her violent or bizarre past
    • Impresses or surpasses others with her strength or street smarts
    • Bring forth her love for food or openly discuss her sexual experiences
  • Krieger
    • Unveils a new, outrageous scientific creation or experiment
    • Makes a suggestion or action that’s ethically questionable
    • His dubious identity or potential Nazi ties are referenced

Supporting Characters & Recurring Events

  • Woodhouse
    • Is shown to be mistreated or ridiculed by Archer
    • The addressing of his heroin addiction
  • Ray Gillette
    • Shows a new ability or strength after a paralyzing accident
    • Mentions or is involved with the Olympics (such as the bionic legs)
  • Mission Briefings: A scene takes place in the briefing room
  • ISIS: Archer or anyone mentions or references ISIS, their former spy agency

Optional Rules

  • Celebrity Voices: When a celebrity voice actor appears in any role
  • Flashbacks: Any time a character is shown a wild or humorous flashback
  • Obscure Reference: Archer or any character makes a reference that needs an explanation

Game End

Once the episode you’re watching reaches its exciting conclusion, take a breather from sips and suspense. With over a decade’s worth of Archer episodes, you’ve got plenty more rounds to enjoy!

So call in your squad, put on Archer, and prepare to endure high-stake missions, side-splitting humor, and copious drinks. Bottoms up, agents! 🍻

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