American Horror Story Drinking Game

American Horror Story Drinking Game

Horror enthusiasts, get ready to give your American Horror Story nights a spirited twist with our spine-chilling drinking game! Invite your bravest friends, grab your preferred beverages, and savor the creepy, enthralling universe of the hit anthology series.

Game Setup

Before embarking on this eerie adventure, let’s review the ground rules and preparation:

  1. Episodes: Any episodes from the American Horror Story series
  2. Drinks: Your choice of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, or creepy-themed cocktails)
  3. Participants: At least 2 players (but remember, strength in numbers!)
  4. Optional: A copy of the drinking rules for reference during the game

Don’t forget to determine the drinking amount for each rule beforehand!


Gather your courage and take a sip of your drink whenever any of the following spine-chilling events unfold on the show:

Season-Independent Rules

  • Jump scare: The show delivers a sudden, frightening moment that makes you gasp or shiver
  • Death: A character meets their untimely end (or, in some cases, comes back)
  • Gore: Bloody, gruesome, or unsettling visuals grace the screen
  • Nudity or intimacy: Characters engage in explicit, provocative, or intimate scenes
  • Flashbacks: The narrative dives into the past to reveal a character’s background or story
  • Dark humor: The show plays with a macabre, twisted sense of humor
  • Iconic lines: Characters utter chilling or memorable quotes (e.g., “Surprise, b****!”)

Season-Specific Rules

To truly capture the essence of each chilling season, incorporate these tailored rules:

  • Murder House: The haunted house claims a new occupant’s life
  • Asylum: A hapless character gets subjected to a horrifying medical experiment
  • Coven: A witch showcases her supernatural powers or performs a ritual
  • Freak Show: A character’s unique or bizarre talents are featured
  • Hotel: An eerie interaction or encounter happens in the mysterious hotel
  • Roanoke: Footage switches between interviews and reenactments
  • Cult: The sinister organization unveils a twisted plot or political ploy
  • Apocalypse: A character acts to bring about or prevent the end of the world
  • 1984: An ’80s slasher horror trope or cliché appears

Actor-Specific Rules

American Horror Story boasts a formidable ensemble cast. Keep an eye out for these recurring actors and their roles:

  • Sarah Paulson: Appears as a new character or in a cameo role
  • Evan Peters: Displays emotional vulnerability or destructive behavior
  • Jessica Lange: Takes on an authoritative or commanding position
  • Kathy Bates: Conjures feelings of sympathy or fear with her character’s actions

Game End

When the chosen episode(s) of American Horror Story wraps up, it’s time to call it a night (or at least make a temporary escape from the terror). But there’s always the option to continue the game with additional episodes if you’re thirsty for more mysterious mayhem.

So dim the lights, huddle with your friends, and prepare to enter the haunting world of American Horror Story… with a drink in hand! Cheers! 🍷

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