4 Ways to Upgrade a PC Gaming Experience

In the video game world of 2020, consoles tend to soak up most of the attention. The Nintendo Switch seems to have revived Nintendo to some degree, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles simply keep getting better. While these three options are the preferred choices of countless gamers though, PC gaming remains fairly popular as well.

Late last year, in fact, Business Insider argued for PCs, suggesting that a few advantages for these devices will keep them relevant even as mainstream consoles continue to gain steam. Specifically, the article pointed to superior control options and the power of gaming influencers (who seem to universally prefer PCs) as the factors that will keep PCs popular. These are excellent points — but we’d add that the customizable, upgradable nature of PC gaming is also an important aspect of its appeal.

To that point, we wanted to highlight a few ways for today’s PC gamers to upgrade their experiences and get more out of their systems.

1. Splurge on a Keyboard

Some PC gamers will argue that their keyboards are what make the difference. And with each passing year there seem to be more features that make gaming-specific keyboards particularly excellent. Tech Advisory’s rundown of good keyboards spoke to what sets gaming accessories apart, and did a nice job of outlining the basics: high-grade key switches, maximum specialization and customization, pulsing backlights for aesthetic purposes, and even special features that enable simultaneous keystrokes. All of these aspects combine to make gaming keyboards vital to the PC experience — and in fact give PCs a controller edge that consoles can’t quite match. Because of this, we’d argue that splurging on a high-end keyboard is one of the best ways to upgrade your PC gaming activity.

2. Check Out a Gaming Chair

Just a few years ago, gaming chairs were somewhat niche — popular among the most hardcore PC users, but not necessarily mainstream. Now, however, they’re quite common, and come in a range of different designs, some of which are even meant for certain types of gaming. To be clear, gaming chairs can be useful with consoles as well. But because they can double as desk chairs, they tend to be paired most frequently with PCs. They’re not necessarily essential, but the good ones make long gaming sessions incredibly comfortable and convenient. A great gaming chair can therefore elevate any gameplay experience. But it will feel just right when you’re playing on a PC.

3. Opt for Cloud Storage

Storage can actually get tricky for PC gamers. Particularly if you’re looking to download systems, games, or add-on content, you may find that some of the larger files wind up slowing down even a fairly powerful PC. For this reason, we’d suggest embracing a cloud storage provider as another way of upgrading the overall PC experience. In some cases, you may want to store regularly used gaming content in the cloud and away from your device. But you can also use the cloud to store backups of gaming files you’re not actively using — effectively creating a storage center where you can keep all game-related downloads accessible. Box’s overview of cloud storage outlines that modern clouds can handle the considerable size of some of these types of files as well. It makes clear that while you may start with a limit on GBs, you can generally set up unlimited storage, meaning you won’t have to worry about how many games or pieces of DLC you have on hand.

4. Invest in VR

Finally, you can also upgrade the PC experience by investing in VR! While there are VR devices that work alongside regular consoles, the best of them tend to operate via PC. The Oculus Rift, for instance, is still one of the leading devices in VR gaming, and requires a PC to operate. Similarly, HTC Vive’s games are widely considered to be some of the best in the category, and also need to run on PCs. So, while other devices such as mobile phones and game consoles can facilitate VR gaming, PCs are still the leaders where this emerging technology is concerned. Investing in VR alongside your PC effectively gives you access to the most immersive gaming on the market.

Through these upgrades, you can turn your PC gaming experience into one that easily rivals that of console users

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