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4 Ways to Upgrade a PC Gaming Experience

In the video game world of 2020, consoles tend to soak up most of the attention. The Nintendo Switch seems to have revived Nintendo to some degree, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles simply keep getting better. While these three options are the preferred choices of countless gamers though, PC gaming remains fairly popular as well. Late last year, in fact, Business Insider argued for PCs, suggesting that a few advantages for these devices will keep them relevant even as mainstream consoles continue to gain steam. Specifically, the article pointed to superior control options and the power of gaming influencers (who seem to universally prefer PCs) as the factors that will keep PCs popular. These are excellent points — but we’d add that the customizable, upgradable nature of PC gaming is also an important aspect of its appeal. To that point, we wanted to highlight a few ways for today’s PC gamers to upgrade their experiences and get more out of their systems. 1. Splurge on a Keyboard Some PC gamers will argue that their keyboards are what make the difference. And with each passing year there seem to be more features that make gaming-specific keyboards particularly excellent. Tech Advisory’s rundown of good keyboards spoke to what sets gaming accessories apart, and did a nice job of outlining the basics: high-grade key switches, maximum specialization and customization, pulsing backlights for aesthetic purposes, and even special features that enable simultaneous keystrokes. All of these aspects combine to make gaming keyboards vital to the PC experience — and in fact give PCs a controller edge that consoles can’t quite match. Because of this, we’d argue that splurging on a high-end keyboard is one of the best ways to upgrade your PC gaming activity. 2. Check Out a Gaming Chair Just a few years ago, gaming chairs were somewhat niche — popular among the most hardcore PC users, but not necessarily mainstream. Now, however, they’re quite common, and come in a range of different designs, some of which are even meant for certain types of gaming. To be clear, gaming chairs can be useful with consoles as well. But because they can double as desk chairs, they tend to be paired most frequently with PCs. They’re not necessarily essential, but the good ones make long gaming sessions incredibly comfortable and convenient. A great gaming chair can therefore elevate any gameplay experience. But it will feel just right when you’re playing on a PC. 3. Opt for Cloud Storage Storage can actually get tricky for PC gamers. Particularly if you’re looking to download systems, games, or add-on content, you may find that some of the larger files wind up slowing down even a fairly powerful PC. For this reason, we’d suggest embracing a cloud storage provider as another way of upgrading the overall PC experience. In some cases, you may want to store regularly used gaming content in the cloud and away from your device. But you can also use the cloud to store backups of gaming files you’re not actively using — effectively creating a storage center where you can keep all game-related downloads accessible. Box’s overview of cloud storage outlines that modern clouds can handle the considerable size of some of these types of files as well. It makes clear that while you may start with a limit on GBs, you can generally set up unlimited storage, meaning you won’t have to worry about how many games or pieces of DLC you have on hand. 4. Invest in VR Finally, you can also upgrade the PC experience by investing in VR! While there are VR devices that work alongside regular consoles, the best of them tend to operate via PC. The Oculus Rift, for instance, is still one of the leading devices in VR gaming, and requires a PC to operate. Similarly, HTC Vive’s games are widely considered to be some of the best in the category, and also need to run on PCs. So, while other devices such as mobile phones and game consoles can facilitate VR gaming, PCs are still the leaders where this emerging technology is concerned. Investing in VR alongside your PC effectively gives you access to the most immersive gaming on the market. Through these upgrades, you can turn your PC gaming experience into one that easily rivals that of console users
last of us 2 ending

[Spoilers] Discussing The Ending of Last of Us Part 2

This post is a discussion piece around the ending of The Last of Us Part 2. If you have not completed this game, do not read any further. THIS POST IS GOING TO CONTAIN A LOT OF SPOILERS. It likely took you about 25-30 hours to complete The Last of Us Part 2. I personally found it to be an incredible game. The ending is going to be one to split opinions and generate a lot of questions. The ending wasn't exactly clear cut and some may have felt a little unsatisfied about it all. There is a lot to discuss when it comes to the ending of The Last of Us Part 2. Feel free to disagree and share your thoughts in the comments section below. So let's jump onto the biggest question about the game. A question that a lot of people are going to have questions about. 

Why Didn't Ellie Kill Abby?

This is the big one, why didn't Ellie kill Abby at the end of The Last of Us Part 2? The final scene was quite strange. Ellie couldn't get rid of her desire for revenge. She gave up the perfect little life with Dina to hunt down Abby and kill her. She knew that she was never going to rest until she avenged Joel's death. So why didn't she do it?  The reason for it started when Ellie first found out why Abby was not with the rest of the prisoners. We didn't know what the pillars were, but the prisoner gave you a fairly good idea that Abby was not going to be in a good state when we found her if she was alive at all.  When you finally find Abby, you do not get to see the Abby you expect. You see a deathly, starving and skinny woman who is a shadow of her former self. Her controversial muscular appearance has faded away. These people who captured her have completely destroyed her. 

Why did Ellie let Abby down from the Pillar?

Ellie lets her down and spends the next few moments in complete disbelief. She is finally faced with her opportunity to seek the revenge she so desperately craved. Ellie gave up everything for this moment, but it wasn't what she had hoped for. She wanted Abby to deserve this death. Seeing her up on the post, it would seem that someone else has already had this satisfaction.  Ellie lets Abby down because she wants to face her. When Abby stands up, Ellie is shocked by her appearance. She struggles to figure out what to do. This was meant to be her moment to take down the main villain of the game. What satisfaction will she get in killing Abby when she is like this. At this stage, is death a relief for Abby?

Why did Ellie Fight Abby At The Boats?

This was where things take a turn. When presented with the fact that Abby is about to get away and potentially survive this, Ellie acts impulsively. She hasn't had the chance to digest what is happening. Ideally, the two of them would have had a conversation about all of this, but Ellie decides that she needs to kill Abby before the chance is gone. She has lived with the regret of letting her get away before and does not want to let this happen again.  Abby might be weak, but she has a little fight left in her. The fight doesn't escalate to anything huge but Ellie eventually gets the upper hand and has Abbys head submerged below the water. It is clear that Abby doesn't have the strength left in her to push Ellie away. Seconds away from Abby dying, Ellie has a brief flashback of Joel playing the guitar and gives up. She allows Abby to live, but why?

The Joel Flashback

This flashback was important. You might think that Ellie recalling a memory of Joel would give her that drive to watch the last drop of life drain from Abby's eye, but it does not. It does the opposite. Almost as if Joel was bringing her back to reality. Reminding her that this is not who she is. She is not a bad person and that she shouldn't become the same monster that she saw Abby as. The memory of Joel was also the moment that emotionally overwhelmed Ellie. Already struggling to deal with the emotional weight of finally finding Abby. Dealing with seeing her in such a deathly state. There was far too much for her to deal with all at once. The sudden reminder of her father figure and how he is no longer alive was too much for her. She couldn't deal with it anymore and breaks down.  Was this the right decision? Maybe not. Will she be faced with the same emotional problems and desire for vengeance when life returns to normal? Likely not. This final scene is enough to emotionally scar her and will likely allow her to suppress what happened to Joel to the point that she can deal with it.  Ellie may not have killed Abby, but she got to see that she has completely fallen. She has lost everything she ever had. All her friends are dead, she has no place to call home and we can only assume that she was completely broken while being held captive. From Ellie's perspective, Abby got what she had coming.

Why Didn't Abby Kill Ellie?

Let's zip to a different moment in the story for a moment. In what seemed like the ending of the game, Abby had the chance to kill Ellie. A moment that nobody wanted to happen. Abby showed an unexpected level of restraint. She allowed Ellie to live with a stern warning that if she ever saw her again, she wouldn't show the same level of compassion. If Abby was alone, she may have killed Ellie, but she was not. The SCAR kid was there to help her understand that this was not worth it. There is more going on here than the brief interaction where Abby was given the signal not to do this. Abby is not a monster. All of her childhood flashbacks tried to show that she and her father were good people. You might think that their plan to kill Ellie in the first game to generate a cure was not something a good person would do, but it was for the greater good. Both Ellie and Abby said that they would have agreed to sacrifice themselves for a cure if given the opportunity. The death of her father caused her to be filled with this rage, the same rage that Ellie was filled with when Joel was killed. Their stories are the same and neither Abby nor Ellie are the monsters that their lust for revenge turned them into.  When presented with the chance to kill Ellie, Abby didn't back off because she was told to. She backed off because she snapped out of it. She remembered that this horrible person is not who she is, a fact that her friends make her deal with when they speak of Joel's death. She is able to relate to Ellie. Joel killed her father and she knew how this felt. Abby killed Ellie's father. Abby should know exactly how Ellie felt. Abby didn't kill Ellie because she was told to, she did it because she remembered who she was. She remembered how she felt. Ellie is following in Abby's footsteps, she has no justification to kill Ellie.

Could Abby Have Survived Her Injuries?

Abby was very weak when she and Ellie had a fight on the beach. Ellie had a knife and was slashing Abby quite a lot. Considering the dirt and the current state of medicine in the world, this many knife wounds would cause a lot of problems for someone. Considering Abby's current state of health, could she have survived an attack like this?  Even though she was able to get into a boat and getaway, the number of slash wounds would likely result in her losing a lot of blood. There were no supplies on the boat for her to use to put pressure to stop the bleeding.  Chances are, if we ever hear from Abby in future games or DLC, she will have survived somehow or other. Slashes are bad news, but she wasn't stabbed. All of the cuts were surface-level cuts on her skin. She may lose blood but it would be possible for her to treat these.  Abby's father was a surgeon. Considering the circumstances, he likely taught her basic survival skills. Even if he did not, her life experiences being one of the most respected soldiers in their camp, she has had to deal with injures like this. It is very unlikely she would survive in the real world, but it wouldn't be a huge stretch to make her survive this in order to have her show up in a future game. 

What Happened To Dina?

Dina and Ellie had a nice happy home with a baby to take care of. Ellie gave it all up to hunt down Abby. When she returns, the house is empty and Dina is gone, where did she go? We can assume that she went back to Jackson. We know that Tommy lived in Jackson and he was able to ride out on a horse to give Ellie the information he had of where Abby could be found. This means that Jackson isn't that far away from the house they were living in.  Dina may not have ridden to Jackson on her own, but she may have waited for someone to come and visit. Dina will have someone from Jackson she could call family. Upon finding out that Ellie is gone and she is living there alone, raising a baby, they would have made her come back to Jackson where it is safe.

Why Did Ellie Leave The Guitar Behind?

This was a very sad moment and far more significant to the game's story than it may have initially seemed. Ellie returns to the empty house to find all her artwork and guitar is still in the room. She tries to play the song that Joel wrote for her but is unable to do so. Abby bit off two of her fingers during the fight scene at the beach, preventing her from being able to play the chords. She does not express any emotion but it is clear that this is an incredibly painful moment for her. Joel is dead, but she at least had music to remember him. She had the song he wrote for her and she had his guitar. Joel was gone, but he lived on through the music that he taught her. Her quest for revenge gave her absolutely nothing, it only resulted in loss. Her final link to Joel is gone forever. She can never again play that song. She has lost the ability to keep Joel's memory alive through the music he gave her. 

Will There Be A Last Of Us 3?

The game ended on an open page. Ellie is likely going to travel back to Jackson where she will be faced with a lot of unhappy faces. Tommy was the one who forced her to leave Dina to take out Abby. She is going to be welcomed by him, but what next? If there is a third Last of Us game, Ellie is unlikely to be the main character. Her story is over now. She has experienced enough to spend the rest of her life living in the shadows. This doesn't mean there won't be another game.  Abby is going somewhere, likely to rejoin the fireflies. She could more than likely survive the injuries she sustained on the beach. Abby is broken and has a long road ahead of her. Her journey making her way to the fireflies would be a start.  The fireflies are a broken group that are on the rise. The Last of Us 3: The Rise of the Fireflies would have a ring to it. Perhaps Abby will rebuild the group to become the most powerful faction in the region. With enough power, they will decide that they need to finally make a cure and coming after Ellie is the only way about it.  We have very little knowledge at the moment on whether there will be a third game. Considering the massive success of this game and the amount of information we do not know about this virus, they could keep this franchise going for another few releases for sure. 
the last of us part 2 beginners guide

The Last Of Us Part 2 Beginners Guide

The Last of Us is not your traditional Naughty Dog game. Going around with guns blazing is not the way to go about things. The controls differ, the enemies are unusual and there are some new mechanics that make this game a lot different to something like Uncharted. I thought a Last of Us Part 2 beginners guide would be a good idea. When you first get started, the controls will feel a little off and will take some getting used to. Before you start getting your ass kicked by clickers or find you have fully run out of supplies and are badly stuck, read the sections below. This guide will help you get up to speed as quick as possible.
ps now vs ps plus

PS Now Vs PS Plus

Since the launch of the PlayStation 3, Sony have been adding lots of new features to enhance PlayStation Network. Today, we have two subscription services available for users to take advantage of, but what is the difference between them? This post will cover the differences between PS Now and PS Plus.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus was the first service that Sony launched when the PS3 was the flagship console. The service initially launched as a sort of game rental service where players would pay a monthly fee and each month they would receive games to play. With the launch of the PS4, PS Plus became Sonys subscription service to give players access to online multiplayer. Much like how Xbox Live Gold works on the Xbox consoles. If you want to play online, you will need to purchase PS Plus.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a newer service and is Sonys attempt to break the streaming market for video games. Much like how Spotify lets you stream music and Netflix lets you stream movies, PS Now will let you stream PlayStation games. PS Now is available on PlayStation consoles but it is also available on PC. You can purchase a subscription and this will give you access to the full library of games available for instant streaming.

Difference Between PS Now and PS Plus

These are both subscription services but they are very different. PS Now gives you instant access to a large collection of video games to stream whenever you want. PS Plus needs to be purchased if you wish to play online. Each month, two games will be made available for PS Plus users to download and play. Both of these services are separate. Purchasing PS Now will not give you PS Plus and vice versa. If you want to stream games and also want to play online, you will need to purchase both services.

12 Useful Tips and Tricks for Ranking up in CS: GO

To achieve your team’s objectives in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you’re going to need a combination of skill and knowledge. You can simply practice, but without a good understanding of the game’s mechanics, you may find yourself neglecting essential skills and strategies, or even reinforcing ineffective playstyles. To get your CS: GO experience off on the right foot, keep reading for some of our top tips and tricks.

1. Reload Wisely

Keep an eye on your ammo. While you never want to roll up on a firefight with a single bullet left in your mag, you also need to be wary of needlessly reloading. Reloading can take a long time for some weapons, so be sure you reload when it’s safe to do so, and only if the bullets left in your mag won’t be enough to carry you through a fight

2. Weapon Switching

Sometimes you’ll be in a bad spot with no time to reload. Here you’ll want to quickly switch to your primary weapon, secondary weapon, or even your knife. While you’ll be able to access your mouse wheel quickest, switching weapons this way is unreliable, especially in the heat of the moment. To reliably switch to the right weapon for any situation, it’s worth it to practice switching weapons with the 1–4 key buttons.

3. Learn Different Weapons’ Spray Patterns

Learning different weapons’ spray patterns and how to move your mouse to counteract them is one of the most important skills to develop. You can also improve your aim by firing in shorter sprays; by keeping your sprays short, you can keep your shots on target just by pulling down. Short sprays are useful if you’re unfamiliar with the later portions of a weapons spray pattern. If you haven’t downed your target after 10 shots, it’s usually better to stop shooting and take cover while you wait for your shots to recenter. Here is a great article on learning spray patterns of different weapons in-game.

4. Don’t Neglect Psychological Warfare

Weapon skins, while purely cosmetic, can greatly improve your own enjoyment and reputation while pushing you to improve your skills so that when your opponents see the deadly flash of your custom skin, they know right to be afraid. Beyond that, avid players may simply want to personalize their experiences, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Here CS:GO cases can be of help.

5. Bullet Penetration

In CS:GO shots from certain weapons are able to penetrate weak areas in walls, doors, and wooden boxes. By understanding how well your weapon’s shots penetrate and where to shoot, you can hit targets from out of sight. Here is an in-depth article discussing the topic if you’d like to know more.

6. Silent Movement

If you’re running all over the place, you’re going to be making a lot of noise, and you’re going to have a hard time listening for any enemy movement. By pressing Shift, you can move slowly and silently, protecting yourself from enemy ambushes, while giving yourself the opportunity to ambush them. It’s worth noting that if the enemy already knows where you are, and there’s only one way forward, it is pointless to move slowly.

7. Stick and Move

The last thing you want to do is make yourself an easy target; when out in the open, you can make it harder for opponents to headshot you by weaving from side-to-side. Jumping while running will help when you need to cover a large distance of open ground. When firing back, you’re going to want to stop moving completely, fire off a short burst, before quickly moving again.

8. Peeking From Cover

Taking cover is extremely important; the guy out in the open spraying all over the place will be the first to go down. But, after you’ve gotten into cover, another skill comes into play: peeking. It is essential that you never peek by moving forward, instead of this peek by moving side to side. This speed up your abilities both to see enemies and to move back into cover. Likewise, never peek while crouched, and always wait until after you’ve finished reloading before you peek.

9. Positioning

Remember to switch up where you position yourself each round to confuse your opponents and keep them guessing, even if you’re only making slight changes. Use buildings and terrain to reduce your opponents’ line of sight while improving yours.

 10. Learn Map Layouts

Taking the time to learn the different game maps and the different areas in them will help you outmanoeuvre your opponents and communicate better with your team. There are too many maps to make mastering all of them a viable strategy, so here are a few that every new player should take some time to learn:
  • Dust II
  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Cache
  • Overpass
  • Cobblestone
  • Nuke

11. Practice Before Playing in Public Matches

The practice is an essential activity for expertise in anything. In a community-driven game like CS: GO, your teammates expect you to be at peak performance when playing competitively and even casually. You’ll have a much better experience if you take the time to practice beforehand in offline bot matches. Here you should feel free to experiment with different weapons, explore and learn the games’ maps, and hone your aim.

12. Communicate With Your Team

Winning a match in CS:GO is about more than having the most kills on your team, it's about communicating with others. A team that cooperates will always have an advantage over one that does not. Communicate with your team as much as you can; it helps to have a good microphone and headset. Notify your team of enemy positions, and coordinate your role and weapon selection with them. Use our tips to achieve your gaming goals! Good luck winning!

Backwards Compatibility

The term Backwards compatibility has been around for a long time but has often been taken for granted when gaming started to become mainstream. It wasn't until the release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 model that people began to focus more heavily on and how its importance had been forgotten.  

What Is Backwards Compatibility?

Backwards compatibility refers to a game console being able to play games from the previous generation. In order words, it describes the ability for a console to play games from the console that came before it. E.g. The ability for the PlayStation 4 to play games from the PS3, or lack of it. It was something that we didn't notice in the past as PS1 games work on the PS2. Gamecube games worked on the Wii and Wii U. Even at the launch of the PS3, this system could play PS2 and PS1 games. Microsoft didn't start strong with support for this but are now leading the charge with the Xbox One which can now play a large majority of Xbox 360 and original Xbox games.  

Why Are Some Consoles Not Backwards Compatible?

The future for backwards compatibility looks quite bright, but the past is not so good. One question people often have is why it can't be done. It doesn't make much sense that a new, super-powerful console is struggling to play games from 20 years ago. Is it all a conspiracy or is there a reason behind it all?  

Why The PS4 Cant Play PS3 games

The PS4 is a very good example of backwards compatibility and one that people often question. The PS4 uses the same Blu-Ray discs that the PS3 used. It connects to the same game network that the PS3 did and even supports the Dualshock 3 controller. Why don't these games work on the PS4? The answer to this example is quite complicated for those who are not familiar with how computers work. Think of a car engine. A car engine burns gasoline in order to spin the wheels. Gas is a highly flammable liquid made from petroleum. If you try to substitute gas with another flammable liquid, the engine will not function. You cant use rocket fuel in your Toyota for example. The processor inside the PS4 reads game files a certain way. Game developers design games to work with the "PS4 engine". The PS3 does things a completely different way. This doesn't mean that it is impossible to make them work, it will just cost developers a lot of money to redesign games. Something that will cost them more money than it will return.

Why The Switch Can't Play Wii Games

For many years, Nintendo was the winner in this area. The Wii U could play games from the Wii and the Gamecube. No issues about it. Insert the game and it just worked. The Switch does not, however. How come? The situation for the Switch is a little different. This is more of a physical problem. The Switch does not have a disc drive. It is as simple as this. The Switch does not connect to the same network the Wii U used. This means all of the infrastructure built for the Wii U store, isn't there for the Switch. It is technically a brand new console, which it is. The Switch is the first hybrid game console.
game room artwork

Top 5 Benefits Of Artwork In Your Gaming Room

Artwork in gaming is one of the many ways that you can show your love for a title or a genre. But it is also a great interior design tool for your gaming room. In this article, we will be looking into the top 5 benefits of artwork for your gaming room.

Show Your Own Personal Style

Showing your personal style is a great way to decorate and adding posters or artwork on the walls can make a great difference. In a creative space, showing your individuality is crucial. This will allow you to make a space that you are happy to spend time in. By making the posters or artwork that you want and Hanging them in a specific way can help you to make a room that is welcoming for you.

Removes Negative Space From The Wall

Negative space of any kind can have a negative impact on the mind so why not make it creative. With numerous options for posters and artwork themed around your favourite games, films or Tv shows, this is a great way to give the room personality. Whether you buy them online or you make your own custom printing canvas, you can create the perfect style for your game room without having to spend a small fortune. This is a creative process that can allow you to make a gaming room that you love, regardless of the space that you have.

Artwork Can Easily Be Changed

In addition to the removal of negative space in your room, it is important to note that it can also be changed. Artwork can be hung on the wall and replaced when your interests change. This is a great way of redesigning your gaming room without having to repaint. This is an amazing way to keep your room fresh and limit the amount of painting and decorating you have to do. It is as simple as removing the poster or artwork from the wall without having to have it.

Can Work With The Colour Theme Of The Room

The colour theme of a gaming room is crucial when it comes to comfort and concentration. Whether it is the colour of the walls or the colour of the furniture, this will allow you to find artwork that matches with it. Whether it is a gaming poster, artwork of a character or a painting you have made yourself, this is the option for you.

Is A Great Conversation Starter

The final reason to add artwork to your room is to start a conversation. Whether it is a simple game poster or artwork of your favourite franchise, this is a great way to start a conversation with like-minded people. By adding to this and creating a collection, you can then continue to build a room that you and your friends would love to spend time in. With this in mind, artwork is the greatest tool to help you make a creative space that you can customise again and again. Where will you be starting?
Nintendo Switch

Why No Achievements For Nintendo Switch

I have often written about my feelings toward trophies and achievements. While I am most definitely a fan of them, my interest has dropped considerably over the past year or so. Even though I have broken the addiction to collecting them all, I can’t help but feel like the Nintendo Switch needs an achievement system. Nintendo is not a company to copy an idea from others. They have proven in the past that they like to pave their own road and do their own thing. While this is great, it makes you wonder whether an achievement system is something that is an original idea or something that has now become a standard. Nintendo introduced a basic online network with the Wii. The Nintendo Switch now has a proper online network similar to the Xbox and PlayStation. Did Nintendo copy them? No, because an online network is now a standard in gaming and not an idea. Considering we now have some kind of award system on PSN, Xbox Live, Steam and even Google Play Games, this doesn’t feel like an idea anymore. With the popularity of the feature and Nintendos interest in improving Nintendo’s online network and making it something people will pay for, they need to start adding new features to make their offer appealing when compared to their competitors. I was playing Luigi's mansion recently and I noticed there was achievement like popups as I was playing through the game. The more unusual part of this was that there was no way, at least that I could find in the menu, to view the achievements that I had unlocked and no way to see what was remaining. This reminds me of the time Devil May Cry 4 got that weird accomplishment system ahead of the launch of the PlayStation trophies system. It feels like a bit of a waste not to have some sort of network-level system for this. Nintendo is great for coming up with ideas to make things like this better. We have had rumours that it was going to be a sticker system but there has been nothing out of Nintendo’s mouth for this. As they work to improve their online network, I hope this is something that they roll out for gamers.
Elder Scrolls Online - ESO

Really Want To Get Into Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online was really exciting to me when it was first revealed. I remember when I first played Oblivion, I did so after coming down from a serious addiction to World of Warcraft. The one thing that I wished it has was the ability to play with others. Roaming across the open world was fun, but without the chances of bumping into someone else, it didn't feel the same. Over time I got to like it and ended up absolutely loving Skyrim. When Elder Scrolls Online came onto the scene, I had gotten over my MMO hunger but was excited all the same. The game released and I waited a while before picking up a copy. I didn’t sink a whole lot of time into this game I must admit. I don’t have any reason for it really. The game didn’t pull me in all that much. I felt as though this was just going to be another game like WOW that sucks up all your time. The store that tried to stuff microtransactions down your throat was probably what turned me off this title the most. Microtransactions aside, the trailers, constant support and expansions really have made ESO more attractive than it has ever been. I was going to install it the other day to give it a try, but the damn thing is wanting over 100gb of HDD space. I will have to wait until I have gotten through Red Dead Redemption 2 before I have space for it. When the time comes, I want to be able to give this game a much better chance. The UI was a little more clunky and there were clear attempts to make you pay for stuff but there is a good chance I will really get hooked into this game once I find something that really pulls me in.
coop games lockdown

Best Coop Games To Play During Lockdown

The lockdown triggered by Covid-19 can be pretty boring. Since all we have to do is stay at home to keep safe and do out part, the only challenging part is finding interesting things to kill time. Video games are always a great way to spend time. Why not use this chance to team up with some buddies to play coop games together. This post will help you find some great coop games to play during the lockdown. There are lots of great online games out. We have the annual releases like Call of Duty where there is a competitive multiplayer game. For those that like these kinds of games, you are spoiled for choice. For those who prefer teaming up with buddies to take on NPC (computer-controlled enemies), it is considerably harder, especially if you want games that support 4 players in one team.

Zombie Coop Games

Zombies make for one of the best video game enemies. Depending on the game, they can be quick or slow. They are relentless and swarm in large numbers. They also do not fear death, since they are dead already. Call of Duty really won us all over with the zombies game mode in World at War. Since then, we have been seeing more and more online coop games that feature zombies. Here are some of the top 4 coop games with zombies. You can find the full list of 10 best coop games with zombies if you want to view them all.

Best Coop Games For Lockdown

I have put a lot of effort in the past to come up with a complete list of coop games for consoles. This has plenty of games for Xbox, PS4 and PC. Some of these are also on the Switch. I will post a list of the best games below but I would suggest checking out the full list as it has a large number of games that are well worth checking out. You will find something on this list to satisfy all genres.


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