10 (More) Things We All Hate About Video Games

In December 2016, we released an article detailing all the things we simply cannot stand with regards to video games. Sure, we love video games as much as the next person, but there are tons of things which constantly grind our gears.

Waiting for updates/installation

Remember the days when you would buy a game, rush home, put it into the console and then instantly be up and playing within a few minutes? Well, you can forget those days for good. Now, you’ll insert the disk and wait, and wait, and wait. After a lengthy installation, you’ll be greeted by a lovely prompt to then download an even lengthier update. If you’ve got a slow internet speed, you can pretty much say goodbye to playing the game that night.

The game doesn’t save properly (or power goes out)

Whilst most games have an autosave feature, or even an option to save your progress at the nearest checkpoint, it’s fair to say that things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes (and it’s usually after you’ve finished a very difficult section), the game will inexplicably refuse to load your game at the point you saved it. This could just be a mere one-off technical problem, but it causes a lot of rage nevertheless.

Unreliable or rude team members

Online multiplayer games like CS:GO, Halo, and Call of Duty are awesome because it’s possible to battle with or against other human players. The problem is when those humans turn out to be the sorts of people who you want nothing to do with. We don’t have a problem with those who might not be on the same skill level but are at least trying, but we dislike anyone who doesn’t take the game seriously or is just plain horrible to everyone. We prefer to use our own game servers so we can pick and choose who we play with.

The server goes down

Speaking of servers. We understand that servers go down occasionally, but it’s hugely frustrating when it happens constantly. With Bungie and EA perhaps being the worst repeat offenders, we hate the fact that gamers are treated so badly sometimes with regards to announcements for when the servers will be going down.


As the Battlefront II debacle showcased, gamers don’t exactly like the idea of having to fork out extra cash simply to get items or characters they should easily get when purchasing the game in the first place. If anything, it was good that this happened, as it really put a spotlight on companies to avoid this sort of behavior in the future.

Game-stopping bugs

In some particular games, on some particular area, occasionally you just get some huge glitch or bug which requires you to stop playing and essentially restart the console or computer. Glitches like this should have been seen in early testing, but for whatever reason, make it past everyone and into the final game.


We understand that game developers want to hype up the new titles as much as possible, but this shouldn’t be to the detriment of the game’s first impression. It’s usually the case that when companies overpromise, they underdeliver. Ex-Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux was well-renowned for going over the top in terms of what to expect for future games, and in addition, No Man’s Sky is the most recent example of a company, in this case Hello Games, making grandiose claims that never panned out once the title was actually released.

Games that are too easy

Okay, no one generally likes BattleToads-levels of difficulty when playing a video game, but neither do we like it to be a walk in the park. Games rapidly lose their replayability when there’s no option to alter the difficulty level, especially those which are painfully easy. We like to be challenged when we play, just not frustrated.

Fetch quests (with no warp)

“NPC 1 wants you to get this.” “NPC 2 wants you to get that.” “NPC 3 wants you to go find something that he could easily get himself.” Fetch quests, particularly in open-world games, are no one’s idea of a good time, yet so many games insist on it. Perhaps it helps you get the lay of the land, but when you have no means of transport and can’t warp to an area, it’s a very laborious task when you’re forced to walk from place to place fetching things.

Unskippable cutscenes

We get it, you put in a lot of money and effort into these cutscenes. But for the love of everything that is holy, don’t make me watch them again when I’m replaying the game! Unskippable cutscenes are kryptonite for gamers.

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