The build up the the release of the next gen consoles is always going to be plagued with fan made designs that attempt to fool people into believing that their photoshop creations are the official designs for the new game consoles.

While some of these designs are crazy and don’t even make sense we cant help but wish that these designs could actually come true.


Ps4 Design 1

This one doesn’t look to unrealistic. The sony logo definitely sticks out as a bit of an eye sore but overall it wouldnt be too srange to see a console like this get released. Im a sucker for neon lights on anything so this is definitely my kinda console.

Ps4 Design 2

This concept has been floating around for many years and it is still a cool idea. With modern technology this wont work out at all since we don’t have the technology to do this and still keep it small and tidy. The idea of a see through glass panel that doubles up as a screen is really cool but not too practical if you want to use it as a console that is at the end of your bed.

PS4 Design 3

This is a little more weird. Looks like what the 1970s thought the ps4 might look like. I’m generally quite fond of the Alien style vision of the future so this design really appeals to me. As much as I like it I don’t think it would ever make sense to design something like this as it isn’t the best looking.

PS4 Design 4

This is another one that seems like it could have been real. The design seems a little outdated but at the same time it is unusual and I like it. It looks more like a 1990s Playstation design with the weird shapes and angles. For most people who have a long USB cable to charge their controllers this would be an annoying console since if you pull on the cable the console will get pulled sideways. My OCD likes consoles to be perfectly straight on the edge of the counter!

PS4 Design 5

This design is definitely my favourite looking design. Like number 2 the design will never work with our current technology but since the announcement of the ps3 we have all wanted to get our hands on that boomerang controller. The controller combined with a pretty cool looking console is more than enough to make me throw away my money. I don’t care how unusable that boomerang controller is..I want IT!!!!

Xbox One

Xbox One Design 1

This console looks like it could be from Portal. It’s weird enough to be interesting. I would like to see this thing in action. It would make a much cooler design for a special edition Portal 3 Steam Box or something rather than an Xbox.

Xbox One Design 2

I’d say this console could become quite a tricky thing to use. I don’t see how you can get the discs into it, perhaps it is a digital only design. It reminds me of the Okama Game Sphere from South Park or maybe one of the balls from G.L.A.D.O.S.

Xbox One Design 3

This console design steals the show. I WANT this! It’s a really cool design while at the same time not looking too unrealistic. While the design is unusual it’s nothing that couldn’t be done with plastic. There appears to be plenty of room for all of the hardware needed for a games console. That black dome on the top would look absolutely unreal of it lit up or even better if it displayed some sort of message or pattern as you played. Of all the consoles on the list this is the one that I want most and seems like it could be something that can be achieved.

Xbox One Design 4

This sure is a crazy looking thing! By far one of the most crazy and unrealistic designs but it catches your eye for being weird. It doesn’t seem too unusual of a design for something like a CD player but for a games console it is a little to extreme to ever happen.

Xbox One Design 5

The Terminator 360! What more can you say other than this would be a kick ass console! I would buy this if it was a small model because it is totally bitchin’.

BetaBox One

And finally here is the first prototype Microsoft came up with when they tried to come up with a design for the Xbox One.

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