Quick Way to Get Free Trophies on the PS Vita

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Quick Way to Get Free Trophies on the PS Vita

After some digging around on the Vita PS store on the you will notice that there are a lot of free games and apps. This is great for anyone who has just bought their Vita and wants to add a few game icons to the menu. At launch most of these games and apps did not contain trophies but it seems that a lot of developers gave into the pressure of gamers and went and added trophy support to their games. Now it seems that there are a lot more free to play games and apps coming out which have trophies and in most cases allow you to get all the trophies without having to spend a penny!

Frobisher Says

Frobisher says is a Wario Ware style game where they give you a short amount of time to complete a particular task. It’s actually quite a fun game that doesn't take itself serious at all which is good. The game has a handful of relatively easy trophies to collect so is worth the download both for the trophies and for the enjoyment of playing it.


I found this to be an enjoyable game but it definitely isn't a game for everyone. Ecolibruim puts you in the role of God and your job is to manage an eco-system by keeping the balance between the animals and plant life. Most of the trophies in this game require a bit if work to be able to obtain but the game is more enjoyable than it sounds and is definitely worth playing

Travel bug

Travel bug isn’t quite a game it’s more of a way to share pictures with people and in doing that you earn trophies!. Thankfully from my experiences it doesn't appear it has gone down the same road as chat roulette so you can play away without the fear of getting a picture of some guys junk! One downside to the game is it appears to be quite buggy and for me required an install but hopefully they sort this out with a patch. Overall it is quite to fun if you are just boosting it quickly for the trophies and they are all easy enough to obtain so definitely worth the download.

Treasures of Montezuma

Treasures of Montezuma is 1 of the better bejewelled clones on the market. It works and plays just like you think it would and is just as fun as bejewelled! The trophies for the most part are simple enough to obtain but there are 2 or 3 that make getting the 100% quite tough but the game is quite addictive and fun which makes trying to unlock them less of a chore.

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a recent addition to the free to play market. Up until its release on the vita it came with a price tag as a PS mini, thankfully those days are gone and we not have it for free! In terms of its gameplay it has very little to offer, you simply fly through the level on your jetpack dodging obstacles the further you get the higher your score...that's it! While it doesn't have much to offer that doesn't mean it isn't fun to play and has an easy trophy list. You will definitely kill a few hours playing this.

Wake up club

Wake Up Club is the Vitas answer to an alarm clock.....a very bad alarm clock! As far as alarm clocks go it’s useless. It's very unpredictable and half the time it won't go off other times it does but doesn't make any sound it just alerts you instantly that you forgot to wake up....of course I forgot to wake up that's why I have an alarm set to remember for me!! If you look past its terrible attempt at being an alarm clock and look at its trophy list you will get some enjoyment from it. It’s possible to 100% this in a few hours if you just keep setting the alarm every minute. I will admit it’s very boring but its free trophies and that's what you came here for.

Welcome park

While I'm sure everyone who owns a Vita has seen this app but it might not be known to some that it does have a trophy list and its extremely simple! It will take 30-40mins to 100% this and since its installed on every system there is no excuse not to play it!

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